NJPW World Tag League Night 8 Results – December 8, 2022

NJPW World Tag League Night 8 Results – December 8, 2022

Location: Kochi Japan
Venue: Kochi Prefectural Gymnasium

Bad Luck Fale vs. Yuto Nakashima

End of the match is when Bad Luck Fale hits Yuto Nakashima with the Grenade to score the victory.

Winner: Bad Luck Fale (4:04)
Rate: 3

Tag Team Match
United Empire vs. Oskar Leube & Ryohei Oiwa

Great O Khan chokes Oskar Leube & Ryohei Oiwa with his long braid, and he hit his Mongolian Chops. Leube hits leg drop for a near fall before Aaron Henare hits Rampage Tackle for the win.

Winners: United Empire (9:57)
Rate: 5

8 Man Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori,Ace Austin,Chris Bey & Gedo) vs. Master Wato,Kushida,Kevin Knight & Tomoaki Honma

Gedo & Tomoaki Honma started this match off before Chris Bey & Ace Austin took turns working over Honma. Master Wato finally made the hot tag and traded quicker offense with Taiji Ishimori. Ishimori hit his handspring back spin kick.

Kevin Knight made the hot tag and hit a flying shoulder tackle on Gedo. Austin & Bey again entered and hit some quick team moves on Knight. Knight hit his dropkick to Gedo’s face, then a jumping DDT to get the win.

Winners: Master Wato,Kushida,Kevin Knight & Tomoaki Honma (8:35)
Rate: 6

6 Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (KOPW 2022 Champion Shingo Takagi,Hiromu Takahashi & Titan) vs. Suzuki Gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru,El Desperado & Douki)

Hiromu Takahashi & El Desperado charged at each other at the bell and traded forearm shots. Suzuki Gun began working over Takahashi. Takahashi hit a dragon screw leg whip on Desperado and finally made the hot tag to Titan. Titan hit a springboard dropkick on Yoshinobu Kanemaru, then a mid ring dropkick on Douki.

Kanemaru hit a tornado DDT on Shingo Takagi. Douki hit a top rope double stomp on Takagi then he applied the Douki Chokey but Takagi reached the ropes. Takagi nailed a Pumping Bomber on Douki for a near fall, but his teammates made the save. Takagi nailed a standing powerbomb on Douki, then he locks in Takagi Style Reverse STF to get the submission win.

Winners: Los Ingobnrables De Japon (9:46)
Rate: 6

2022 World Tag League Match
Bishamon (10) vs. Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd (2)

Hirooki Goto & Gabriel Kidd started this match off and traded shoulder tackles, and Kidd hit a dropkick. Kidd hit a senton on Yoshi Hashi. Alex Coughlin entered and hits a gutwrench suplex on Yoshi Hashi, then a back suplex for a near fall. Kidd & Coughlin beat up Yoshi Hashi on the floor.

Goto made the hot tag and brawled with Coughlin, and Goto hit a running bulldog for a near fall. Coughlin hit a running Death Valley Driver. Goto hit a short arm clothesline on Kidd, and they were both down. Yoshi Hashi hit a standing neckbreaker on Kidd. Coughlin hit a fallaway slam on Yoshi Hashi. Goto hit his neckbreaker over his knee on Kidd. They then hit Shoto on Kidd for the win.

Winners: Bishamon (12) (11:36)
Rate: 5

2022 World Tag League Match
NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions House Of Torture (2) vs. Be Bop Tag Team (8)

Be Bop Tag Team must win or they are eliminated.

House Of Torture attacks Be Bop Tag Team before the bell, and they worked over Hiroshi Tanahashi early on. Tanahashi hit a swinging neckbreaker on Takahashi and he made the hot tag to Toru Yano. Yano immediately removed a corner pad and traded some cartoonish antics with Takahashi.

Tanahashi hit his 2nd rope summersault onto Evil then a dragon screw. Tanahashi applied a Texas Cloverleaf. The ref got bumped and Sho & Dick Togo interfered. Yano jumped in and hit low blows on them. Tanahashi hit a sling blade on Evil for a near fall. Tanahashi hits Aces High on Evil. He went for the High Fly Flow but Evil got his knees up. Sho hits Tanahashi with his wrench, and Evil immediately nailed the Everything is Evil to get the win.

Winners: NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions House Of Torture (4) (9:44)
Rate: 3 (Since Be Bop Tag Team lost they are eliminated)

2022 World Tag League Match
TMDK (10) vs. Aussie Open (14)

If Aussie Open wins they automatically advances to the Finals.

Mikey Nicholls & Mark Davis opened this match off and Nicholls hit a delayed vertical suplex early on, showing off his power. Aussie Open slammed TMDK’s backs into each other. Nicholls hit a DDT on Davis on the ring apron. TMDK began working over Kyle Fletcher.

Davis finally made the hot tag and he hit a double clothesline. He hit a diving elbow in the corner on Shane Haste, then his modified Angle Slam for a near fall. TMDK hit a team superplex move out of the corner on Fletcher for a near fall. Fletcher hit his 2nd rope stunner for a near fall. Everyone hit kicks and suddenly everybody was down.

TMDK hit a team faceplant move for a near fall on Fletcher. Davis accidentally clotheslined Fletcher TMDK hits Fletcher with Tankbuster for the win.

Winners: TMDK (12) (14:26)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

2022 World Tag League Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Sanada) (10) vs. Suzuki Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer) (6)

Suzuki Gun attacks LIJ before the bell, and both teams immediately brawled to the floor. Lance Archer screamed at a 6 year-old girl, who went hiding behind her parents. He dragged Sanada into the ring. Sanada hit a dropkick to the knee, then to the chest, to drop Archer. Archer hit a Pounce on Tetsuya Naito. Archer & Naito brawled to the floor and toward a wall, away from the ring. Archer slammed a chair across his back.

Back at ringside, Archer whipped Naito into a guardrail. Sanada & Suzuki also were brawling on the floor, but the cameras mostly focused on Archer & Naito. In the ring, Suzuki began working over Naito, with a kick to the back for a near fall. Archer missed a mid ring splash, and Sanada made the hot tag; the ref missed it and ordered Sanada back to the ring apron, as the heels kept beating down Naito. Suzuki hit his overhand chops. Naito hit a basement dropkick on Archer’s left knee, and Sanada made the hot tag.

Sanada also hit a basement dropkick on Archer’s knee. Sanada hit an impressive snap suplex on the big man, but he couldn’t tie him in the Paradise Lock. Archer hit his mid ring crossbody and he tagged in Suzuki. Naito entered and hit his swinging dropkick on Suzuki in the corner. Suzuki applied an ankle lock in the middle of the ring on Naito, and Naito teased tapping out. Suzuki set up for the Gotch Style Piledriver but Naito escaped. Sanada hit a back suplex, and Naito got a jackknife rollup for a near fall. Naito then hits Suzuki to get the win.

Winners: Los Ingobnrables De Japon (15:28)
Rate: 7

Cancel World Tag League Match
United Empire (8) defeated Bullet Club (Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale) (4)

World Tag League Standings After Day 8

1st Place- Aussie Open (14 Points) (7-2)

2nd Place- Los Ingobnrables De Japon, Bishamon & TMDK (12 Points) (6-2)

3rd Place- Be Bop Tag Team & United Empire (8 Points) (4-4)

4th Place- Suzuki Gun (6 Points) (3-5)

5th Place- NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions House Of Torture (4 Points) (2-6) & Bullet Club (4 Points) (2-7)

Last Place- Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd (2 Points) (1-7)

World Tag League Scenarios 

TMDK- Must defeated Bishamon

Bishamon – Must defeated TMDK

Los Ingobnrables De Japon – Must defeated House Of Torture

Aussie Open – They need TMDK & Los Ingobnrables De Japon to lose