NJPW Super Juniors Tag League Night 4 & World Tag League Night 3 Results – November 27, 2022

NJPW Super Juniors Tag League Night 4 & World Tag League Night 3 Results – November 27, 2022

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (Bushi & Titan) (4) vs. Kushida & Kevin Knight (2)

Kevin Knight would kick things off with Titan mocking his opponents height before taking a kick to the midsection. Titan would show his agility, springing across the ring before Knight leapt clean over him. Knight hit a big body slam before a running splash for a two count. Kushida would get the tag, hitting the hip toss into a dropkick, getting a one count.

Titan would catch Kushida with a flying crossbody, before taking Knight off the top rope with a Pele Kick. BUSHI would get the tag, applying a tight chinlock on Kushida. Kushida was able to fight free, only for Bushi to make the tag to Titan. A kick to the spine would follow before LIJ would look for a double team, only to be dropped with a handspring back elbow.

Knight got the tag and hit some jumping splashes into the corner, before taking Titan off the top rope with a running dropkick. He’d follow Titan to the floor with a splash, before Kushida held Titan on his shoulders and Knight hit a standing dropkick with Bushi having to break this up. Knight would be caught with a DDT from Titan before the Codebreaker & Angel Immortal gets the win.

Winners: Los Ingobnrables De Japon (6) (7:57)
Rate: 6

2022 World Tag League Match
United Empire (2) vs. Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd (0)

Gabriel Kidd & Great O Khan open the match and O Khan was able to match his wrestling skills in the opening lock up. Alex Coughlin would get the tag and drop United Empire before hitting a stalling suplex on O Khan walking to a tag from Kidd in the process. Kidd would get choked by the braid of O Khan, before being whipped hard into the corner. He’d become the throne Of O Khan in the corner, before having his arms stretched back.

Aaron Henare would keep the pressure on with a hard lariat before O Khan hit a bodyslam and pressed his shin across the throat of Kidd. He’d be able to block the Mongolian Chops, giving an opening for a tag. Coughlin & Henare crashed into each other with shoulder tackles before trading blows, with Henare going to the corner for the springboard roundhouse and instead being caught with a suplex.

Burning Lariat from Coughlin would get a two count before O Khan broke the pin up and took a backdrop. Kidd would hit the moonsault out of the corner for a two count, before Coughlin & Kidd would nail each other with lariats by mistake. A spinning roundhouse kick, Tenzan Tombstone Driver & Streets Of Rage gets United Empire the victory.

Winners: United Empire (4) (9:46)
Rate: 4

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
House Of Torture (NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Sho & Dick Togo) (0) vs. El Lindaman & Alex Zayne (4)

House Of Torture would attack before Alex Zayne & El Lindaman even made their way down the ramp with Sho hitting a piledriver on the stage to Zayne. Lindaman would be taken into the ring and hit with a double spinebuster, before a double Kimura. Dick Togo would apply a headlock before Sho would catch Lindaman with a powerbomb into a backstabber.

Lindaman would be able to kick out, and Zayne reached the apron only to be taken down by Togo. Sho would lock the Snake Bite in with Zayne able to make the save before being thrown to the floor by Togo. Lindaman would hit some strikes in the corner before Zayne would hit the bicycle kick in the ring.

House Of Torture were dropped by a double Frankensteiner, before Sho took a back elbow. Zayne was taken out with a lariat to the floor, tumbling out himself. Lindaman blocked a Pedigree attempt in the ring and hit an exploder suplex. Togo would get a series of roll ups for a two count, before locking in the crossface.

Lindaman was able to break free and hit a German Suplex to get the win for his team.

Winners: El Lindaman & Alex Zayne (6) (6:15)
Rate: 3

2022 World Tag League Match
Suzuki Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer) (4) vs. Aussie Open (4)

Lance Archer & Mark Davis would start things off, rolling to the floor to get more room to crash into each other with shoulder tackles then they met in a stalemate twice. Back in the ring Davis would nearly catch Archer with a boot to the face, before Archer hit a running crossbody.

Minoru Suzuki & Kyle Fletcher hit the ring & Fletcher would stand and take the strikes of Suzuki, folding fairly quickly. A wrist lock by Fletcher would be blocked by Suzuki, before he’d take an armbreaker over the rope and the hanging armbar.

Davis & Archer were brawling on the floor alongside Suzuki & Fletcher, with Suzuki Gun firmly in control. Archer would get a chance to go assist Suzuki, before rolling Fletcher into the ring for an armbar only escaping due to catching the bottom rope with his leg.

Archer would hit some running back elbows to Fletcher, before allowing a tag to Davis. The powerhouse of Aussie Open would stun Archer with an enziguri, before a sliding forearm smash in the corner. Archer would roll to the floor, where Aussie Open would sandwich him using Young Lions. Back in the ring, Suzuki & Archer would drop Fletcher, with Archer hitting a running splash for a two count.

Fletcher would be caught with a PK from Suzuki, and was still able to remain in the fight. His strikes just made Suzuki laugh, but he’d keep them coming only for Suzuki to drop him with a single forearm smash. Sleeper hold would be applied, with Fletcher quickly fading.

Suzuki would turn him around to set up the Gotch Style Piledriver with Fletcher able to slip free and hit a Brainbuster for a near fall. Aussie Open would catch Archer with the Dental Plan, before taking turns hitting lariats on Suzuki then they would hit Suzuki with Corealis to get the victory.

Winners: Aussie Open (6) (13:34)
Rate: 6

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (6) vs. Wild Hips

Bullet Club would hit the Too Sweet before the match, while Wild Hips would offer to share some beers with them rubbing the cans on their crotch first. They’d chug theirs, being attacked by Bullet Club before they could finish. Still holding their beers, they’d block a double Irish whip and hit some flying hp attacks barely spilling a drop along the way.

Ace Austin would gain control, sending Wild Hips to floor while Chris Bey set up the big dive. Back in the ring Clark Connors would catch Austin with a chop, only for Bey to tag and drop him with a hard right hand to the face. Bey would look for a sunset flip into the ring, only for Connors to slip out of the way and nail him with the Jeep Flip nearly sending him over the top rope from the middle of the ring.

Ryusuke Taguchi would hit the ring for some hip attacks, before Austin got his hand caught in the legendary rear end. Connors would free him with a spear but Austin avoided the double hip attack. Austin would send Connors to the floor and follow with the Soar To Glory, before tossing Bey into the Art Of Finesse then nails Taguchi with The Fold to score the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (8) (7:45)
Rate: 5

2022 World Tag League Match
Bullet Club (Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale) (2) vs. Be Bop Tag Team (0)

Match starts off with Bad Luck Fale & Hiroshi Tanahashi before Fale forcing Tanahashi to get him in the corner before a flying elbow smash from Chase Owens. Tanahashi would dodge and hit Fale with a basement dropkick, before a dragon screw on Owens. Fale would run Tanahashi down with a shoulder tackle. A lariat would get a two count, before Tanahashi would take a body slam.

Toru Yano would prevent Owens from being launched onto Tanahashi, only to take a bodyslam himself. Fale missed the falling elbow drop, before Yano would manage to distract the referee. A double low blow and a roll up on Fale gets Be Bop Tag Team their 1st win in this years World Tag League.

Winners: Be Bop Tag Team (2) (3:35)
Rate: 2

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Suzuki Gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Douki) (0) vs. Chaos (4)

Suzuki Gun would attack Chaos before the bell, looking to get the upper hand. However, Chaos would be able to dodge a lariat from Douki, dropping him with a series of kicks to the face. Douki & Yoh would brawl out to the floor, while Kanemaru hit a basement dropkick and knee breaker on Lio Rush.

Douki would keep the pressure on the knee of Rush in the ring after a tag, hitting an elbow to the inside of the knee. Yoshinobu Kanemaru would stomp away on Rush before throwing him to the floor for a knee breaker from Douki. A tag to Yoh was delayed by Kanemaru, before an enziguri landed.

Yoh would rush down Kanemaru with a flying forearm smash before taking a basement dropkick. Figure 4 would be applied, with Douki taking Rush to the floor to ensure the hold isn’t broken up instantly. Yoh would be able to fight free tagging in Rush to deal with Douki.

Despite being a few steps slow with the damage to knee, Rush was able to work his way around Douki sending him to the floor before a dive. Rush Hour was blocked before an enziguri and lariat from Douki then Douki Chokey would be lock in in the middle of the ring, but Yoh would stomp Douki to break the hold.

Daybreak would follow, before Suplex De La Luna would be blocked by Rush. Yoh would hit the jumping knee before Kanemaru missed with the Whiskey Mist. Douki took the Rush Hour Stunner & Final Hour Splash to get the win.

Winners: Chaos (6) (10:04)
Rate: 6

2022 World Tag League Match
NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions House Of Torture (Evil & Yujiro Takahashi) (0) vs. TMDK (2)

TMDK made their way to the ring, Sho & Dick Togo would attack them from behind looking to assist Evil & Yujiro Takahashi. Shane Haste was taken into the ring by Evil and was able to drop Evil with a snapmare and dropkick to the back of head. On the floor, Mikey Nicholls would be attacked by Sho & Takahashi before Haste took a suplex on the entrance ramp.

Back in the ring Takahashi would hit a snap leg drop, before a falling headbutt for a two count. Nicholls finally found his way to the apron, as Haste was able to strike Takahashi down with blood running down his face, Nicholls would nail a snap DDT on Takahashi. Evil got the tag, but Nicholls ran them both down with a lariat before taking a boot to the face from Takahashi.

Haste would try to make the save, but took a dropkick from Takahashi. Evil nails the fisherman buster but Nicholls was still able to kick out. TMDK would set up Thunder Valley on Takahashi to get the win.

Winners: TMDK (4) (8:47)
Rate: 2

Non Title 2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Catch 22 (4) vs. Flying Tigers (4)

Catch 22 would attack Flying Tigers before the bell, taking Tiger Mask IV down. Robbie Eagles would prove to be harder prey, taking down both opponents before hitting a double dive with Tiger Mask. Turbo Backpack in the ring would follow, getting a two count before Flying Tigers looked to hit some alternating kicks but found each other instead.

Catch 22 would take advantage, throwing Tiger Mask from the ring and hitting Eagles with a codebreaker before a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo. TJP hit some face wash kicks in the corner, before Eagles would break out and drop TJP. Tiger Mask would catch him with the tilt a whirl backbreaker before looking for the Tiger Driver.

TJP would hold his ground before breaking free and getting the tag to Francesco Akira as he sprung off the ropes with a forearm smash. Final Cut/Double Stomp combo would be followed by the Mamba Splash with Eagles making the last minute save. TJP hit the rolling Solebutt Kick on Eagles, before Akira hit a double stomp.

Tiger Mask would take TJP out with a roundhouse kick, before the Tiger Driver on Akira for a two count. Akira would be taken into the double armbar, as TJP was caught in the Ron Miller Special. TJP was able to break Akira free, and saved him from being pinned after a Tiger Suplex.

Flying Tigers sandwiched Akira with roundhouse kicks in the corner, before Tiger would set up the avalanche butterfly suplex. TJP would pull Tiger Mask down into an electric chair, with Tiger Mask slipping free. Eagles would soar into a dropkick, before Tiger Mask took a flapjack/jumping Facebuster attempt. Double knee strike follow by 2×2 for the win.

Winners: Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Catch 22 (6) (9:17)
Rate: 7

2022 World Tag League Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Sanada) (4) vs. Bishamon (2)

Tetsuya Naito & Hirooki Goto would start this match off before they lock up hard in the middle of the ring. Naito would be able to win out, throwing Goto into the corner before being levelled with a shoulder tackle. Bishamon would batter Naito down with the War Drum, before Yoshi Hashi set Naito up on the ropes before a dropkick.

Sanada would trip Yoshi Hashi up allowing for Naito to hit a dropkick, before Goto would be tripped and kicked moments later. Naito would drive Yoshi Hashi into the barricade at ringside, before applying a cravate with the throat of his opponent crushed against the steel. Back in the ring, Naito hit the slingshot dropkick before tagging out to Sanada.

Sanada would keep the pressure on Yoshi Hashi before Naito would apply the leg nelson in the middle of the ring. Goto would save his partner before being taken out by Naito. Yoshi Hashi would find himself trapped in the Paradise Lock only to be freed by a dropkick.

Sanada would lose control of Yoshi Hashi before being dropped by Headhunter. Goto got the much needed tag, hitting the spinning wheel kick into bulldog combo for a near fall. Naito got a tag, and was rocked by a lariat from Goto. Yoshi Hashi was tagged back into the ring, taking a boot to the face and a running hurricanrana.

Naito would nail a spinebuster in the middle of the ring, before setting Yoshi Hashi up on the top rope for an hurricanrana but it would backfire, with Yoshi Hashi nearly hitting a powerbomb. Naito would avoid a running elbow smash in the corner, before hitting the clubbing elbow smashes and Esperanza.

Sanada would hit a backdrop with Naito slipping into a Jackknife for a two count. Goto would take a dropkick from Sanada only to come back with the ushigoroshi. GTR would be blocked into an attempt at a brainbuster, before Goto hit a stiff lariat.

Another attempt at the GTR would be blocked into a roll up, before Sanada hit a rolling elbow. Yoshi Hashi caught Sanada with the superkick, before Naito dragged him to the floor. Sanada would apply the Skull End in the middle of the ring with Goto fading but having enough to avoid a moonsault.

Naito rushed the ring, but was dropped by a lariat from Yoshi Hashi. Goto would catch Sanada with a mid kick before being rolled up with the European Clutch. He’d counter at the last second before hitting Violent Flash & Shoto gets Bishamon the win.

Winners: Bishamon (4) (21:36)
Rate: 7

Super Juniors Tag League Standings After Night 4

1st Place- Bullet Club (8 Points) (4-0)

2nd Place- Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Catch 22, El Lindaman & Alex Zayne, Los Ingobnrables De Japon & Chaos (6 Points) (3-1)

3rd Place- Flying Tigers (4 Points) (2-2)

4th Place- Kushida & Kevin Knight (2 Points) (1-3)

Last Place- Suzuki Gun & House Of Torture (0 Points) (0-4)

World Tag League Standings After Night 3

1st Place- Aussie Open (6 Points) (3-0)

2nd Place- Suzuki Gun, Los Ingobnrables De Japon, Bishamon, TMDK & United Empire (4 Points) (2-1)

3rd Place- Be Bop Tag Team & Bullet Club (2 Points) (1-2)

Last Place- NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions House Of Torture & Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd (0 Points) (0-3)