Notes On Mickie’s Upcoming Musical Performance On “iMPACT!”

Mickie James performed her theme song, Hardcore Country, at the Nov. 16 iMPACT! taping (set for air on next week’s show). The segment featured Eric Young wearing bottom-less chaps while playing the cowbell in a takeoff of Will Ferrell’s “More Cowbell” skit years ago on Saturday Night Live.

Many backstage felt James was put in a tough position because she wasn’t given much notice to perform, not to mention without her actual band. She legitimately sang over a music track as a makeshift band comprised of two production crew members pretended to play instruments.

While some within the organization felt it was unprofessional to have James perform on short notice and under those circumstances, others praised her for not balking at the opportunity to perform on national television or upsetting creative by complaining about the situation.

The segment turned into an angle as Tara attacked James from behind while she was performing. Young then attempted to restrain Tara, but was struck with the cowbell. The segment may have to be edited as James suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she fought back—she placed her hand over her breast, not to mention that her skirt flew up. The two rivals continued brawling before security gained control of the situation.

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source: Pro Wrestling Torch