NWA Alwayz Ready Results – June 11, 2022

NWA Alwayz Ready Results – June 11, 2022

Pre-Show results:

*Rodney Mack defeated Magic Jake Dumas.

*Ricky & Kerry Morton defeated AJ Cazana & Adorable Antony Andrews and The Illbegotten, Jeremiah Plunkett & Alex Taylor. No idea why the Fixers weren’t in this. The story was The Illbegotten’s manager Danny Deals had gotten his team in after Jay Bradley was announced as being injured in a promo from Wrecking Ball Legursky that hardly seemed honest from a storyline standpoint.

During the pre-show, Sam Shaw returned for an interview where he didn’t say anything. Rush Freeman and Sal Rinauroi came out but Shaw laid them out and ran them off.

-There was also a promo where Chelsea Green put over NWA Champion Matt Cardona but wouldn’t hint whether he was going to fight or vacate the title tonight.


We opened with a music video montage of all the big moments and matches set for tonight. They then segued live to Knoxville, TN at the Convention Center.

The announcing team is Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm. Galli noted they are sold out tonight. They ran down the card and said there’s no medical update on NWA Champion Matt Cardona tonight.

Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

Trevor had the early advantage in what Stevens has claimed will be his last match. Murdoch finally had enough of going back and forth and kicked him in the face with a big boot. He drilled Stevens and nailed a belly to back suplex for a two count. Stevens was whipped hard into the buckles and had his knee worked over for some time. Murdoch came off the top with a bulldog and scored the pin.

Your winner, Trevor Murdoch!

Pretty much a one-sided bout. The fans chanted Thank You to Stevens. He took the mic and said, “You’re welcome.”

NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hex vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige)

The Hex dominated their younger challengers in the early minutes of the bout. Envy and Paige tried to regroup in the floor but Bell nailed a flying clotheslidne on both to the floor. Envy was tossed into the ring. Kay looked to do a dive to the top but Envy slipped under and nailed a powerbomb for a two count. The challengers worked over Allysin Kay. Kay rolled up Page for a two count but was drilled with a big forearm. Kay reversed a double suplex attempt.

Marti Bell made the hot tag and cleaned house. She nailed a Faceplant on Envy for a two count. Everyone battled. They dumped Page to the floor and nailed Hex Marks the Spot on Paige. Envy grabbed the Tag Team title. Kay nailed a dive on Paige. Envy went to use the tag title belt but the referee took it away. While he was preoccupied, Envy kicked Bell low and nailed a Famouser for the pin.

Your winners and new NWA Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered!

Well, this was something.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide vs. PJ Hawx

They had some good back and forth wrestling early. Hawx scored a two count following a sunset flip. Homicide cut him off and nailed a backbreaker over the knees and a DDT for a two count. Hawx came back to lock on a sleeper. Homicide grabbed a finger to force a break and used a legtrip into a STF. Hawx fought to the ropes to force the break. Homicide nailed a Hot Shot on the ropes for a two count. Homicide tied up Hawx into a submission. Hawx fought out and nailed a gutwrench suplex. He followed up with another suplex and worked over Homicide in the corner.

Hawx whipped Homicide hard into the buckles several times. Hawx sent Homicide over with a big throw suplex with Homicide looking like he almost crashed down on his head. Homicide cut him off with a clothesline and went for a cutter off the ropes. Hawx fought him off and nailed a big vertical suplex for a two count. He went for a superplex but was shoved off. Hawx rebounded and nailed a superplex for a close two count, but Homicide got the shoulder up. Hawx missed a superplex and was caught with a Cutter for a close two count.

They went back and forth until Homicide nailed the Cop Killa and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Junior Heavyweight Champion, Homicide!

Easily the best thing on the show thus far. A damn good match.

Homicide raised his arm after the match and called Hawx “The Future.” The Fixers hit the ring and attacked both men. Luke Hawx tried to make the save but was overwhelmed. Ricky and Kerry Morton made the save. Colby Corino came out and announced he was cashing in his title shot on Homicide.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide vs. Colby Corino

Homicide, now bleeding from the mouth, took the battle to Corino but was cut off. Colby sent him into the buckles. Homicide cursed him out. Corino kicked away and drilled him with a double knee to the face. They battled to the outside on the apron. Homicide teased a Cop Killa on the outside but Corino escaped and dropped him on his head on the apron. He then hit a dive to the floor.

They battled on the floor, where Corino dropped him on the apron. They battled in the aisle and up to the entrance stage. Corino went for a piledriver but was backdropped on the stage. Corino was dragged back to the ring area and slammed him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Homicide set up and executed the Three Amigos. The crowd chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Corino halted it and nailed a series of neckbreakers for a two count. Homicide nailed him with the Cop Killa for a two count. Homicide trashtalked Corino and even invoked his father. Corino came back with several kicks but was drilled with a lariat and pinned.

Your winner and still Champion, Homicide!

Good match.

Backstage, Jennacide said she was here to fight and deserves a match. She’s going to find Natalia Markova tonight.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova with Taryn Terrell.

They battled back and forth. Taya nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count and nailed a series of chops. Terrell tripped her up, allowing Natalia to nail a boot to the face and a clothesline. Natalia slapped Taya’s rear, so Taya spanked her. Natalia nailed the Beatiful Disaster kick for a two count. She cinched in a side chinlock. Taya came back with a series of kicks and a clothesline for a two count.

Taya was knocked to the outside. Taryn Terrell distracted her, allowing Markova to nail a dive to the outside. The story was Taryn was trying to take all the attention from Markova. Back in the ring, Taya worked over Markova and nailed a back elbow in the corner. Taya nailed a hip attack in the corner. Taya nailed the Implant Buster but Taryn distracted the referee. Markova nailed Taya with a spinkick while she was distracted by Taryn and pinned her. Markova was bleeding from the mouth by the end.

Your winner, Natalia Markova!

NWA National Champion Jax Dane vs. Chris Adonis

They had a test of strength early. Adonis went for the Master Lock but Dane went to the floor. Dane tossed a chair into the ring, so Adonis opened it and dared him to have the Masterlock Challenge. Dane sat in the chair and allowed him to lock it in but kicked Adonis low while the referee wasn’t watching. Well, it was Kevin Keenan. Dane tried to lock on his own Masterlock Challenge. Adonis tried to fight his way out and finally broke free. He attacked with a series of chops and a clothesline. Adonis locked in another full nelson and dragged him to the middle. Dane battled back and they crashed through the ropes. Adonis got caught up in the ropes and when he freed himself, went back to the Masterlock. Dane backed him into the ring post several times and attacked his arm, smashing it into the apron. Dax broke out of the Masterlock because the hand was injury. He finally caught him with a clothesline and scored the pin.

Your winner and still champion, Jax Dane!

May Valentine interviewed Aron Stevens. Stevens said no one can know what he’s going through. His journey has been up and down since he walked into Killer Kowalski’s school at 16 years old. When you get so close but never get the carrot that is dangled in front of you it’s terrible. If you chase something long enough and it doesn’t love you back, you have to eventually choose your own health and life. Adulation doesn’t let him look in the mirror and like what he sees. Trevor Murdoch was the better man and the business will go on. Stevens said he and Valentine should go to Brazil together. He’s just done. The industry has been very good to him, but even thought he never won the World title and had a chance to place it at Killer Kowalski’s grave and thank him, he knows it’s time. Stevens said sometimes you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.

Cyon with Austin Idol vs. Thom Latimer

They locked up but no one had an immediate advantage. Cyon had control with a side headlock. Latimer locked on an armbar but Cyon reversed and cinched in a hammerlock. Latimer finally exploded with several armdrags. Cyon tried to regain his composure on the florr and returned to the ring. They battled back and forth in the ring with punches. Cyon beat down Latimer and scored several two counts.

They battled to the floor, where Latimer was slammed onto the apron outside. Cyon sent him back into the ring, then slammed him again. Latimer fought back and Cyon was sent to the floor. Latimer tossed him back in but Cyon nailed him with a pescado immediately. Cyon tossed him into the ring and scored a two count. Latimer went for a piledriver but Cyon backdropped him over, caught him and nailed a Kryptonite Krunch variation that looked scary as hell for a two count. Latimer recovered and got to his knees, where he was kicked several times in the chest.

Latimer was grabbing at his neck and seemed banged up. Latimer nailed a forearm but was booted in the face. Out of nowhere, he nailed a sit-out powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, Thom Latimer!

NWA TV Champion Tyrus with Blk Jeez vs. Mims

Mims attacked him in the corner at the,bell and worked him over. He showed some nice charisma. Tyrus shoved him off but missed a charge and Mims worked over his back. He was kicked as he charged. Tyrus blasted him down to the mat. Mims avoided a charge and went for a slam but Tyrus grabbed the ropes. Tyrus cut him off going for a low bridge and drilled him. They went to the floor where Mims ripped atn his face. Mims charged but Tyrus avoided as he jumped and Mims struck the ring post. Tyrus began working over the shoulder, drilling him into the apron.

Tyrus worked over the shoulder for a long time, but Mims tried to fight back, only to be cut off. The crowd got behind Mims, who finally nailed the slam. He splashed Tyrus for a close two count. Jeez got on the apron but Mims grabbed him. Tyrus went to hit Mims but drilled Jeez off the apron to the floor. Mims nailed a shoulder tackle but immediately grabbed at it. He went down hurt but refused to let the referee stop the match. The idea was his arm was completely limp but he still tackled Tyrus backwards into the corner.

Tyrus attacked the shoulder and Mims went down screaming. Tyrus was smiling as the referee asked Mims again about stopping the bout. Mims pulled himself up but was nailed with the Heart Punch and pinned.

Your winner and still TV Champion, Tyrus!

As a way to put sympathy on Mims, this was a good story.

Tyrus waited for Mims to get to his feet and shook his hand, then raised his arm…and clotheslined him back down. Jeez began stomping on Mims’ shoulder after as Tyrus left.

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebelion vs. The Commonwealth Collection, Doug Williams & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Mecha Wolfe started out Doug Williams. They had some really nice back and forth wrestling. Davey and Bestia 666 tagged in. La Rebelion nailed him with a double superkick. They worked him over but Smith kicked up at one. Smith’s back as worked over. He was caught with a big back suplex. Harry tagged back out to Williams. The Commonwealth Connection tagged in and out, working over Bestia 666.

Harry Smith held him up for a delayed vertical suplex. He cinched in and nailed a butterfly suplex on Wolf for another two count. The Connection kept control of the match. Bestia comes back with a tornado DDT on Smiht and fought to his corner to make the tag to Mecha Wolf. He and Doug Williams battled inside the ring. Wolf nailed a springboard forearm on Williams. La Rebelion worked over Williams with several double team maneuvers.

The teams battled back and forth. Williams was nailed with a muscle buster and then a 450 splash, titled the Total Rebellion. He kicked out at the last second. He was bleeding from the nose. Smith hit the ring for save, hitting some big knees. The Collection came back with Williams nailing a big superplex followed by Smith nailing a flying headbutt for the pin.

Your winners and new NWA Tag Team Champions, Doug Williams and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Bully Ray joined Tim Storm and Joe Galli at the announcing position.

NWA Women’s Champion Kamille vs. KiLynn King.

They each tried to impose their will early but neither budged an inch and started talking trash. They muscled up against each other with Kamille backing her into the corner but King bounced her back out. They finally broke the clench and faced off. They went to a test of strength. King had the advantage. They went into a monkey flip but held on and they battled back to their feet.

King nailed Kamille with a big forearm. They battled back and forth, hitting big moves but then recovering and facing off with King presented as the equal to Kamille. King held her up for a delayed vertical suplex before dropping the champion. Kamille nailed a big clothesline that rocked King. King nailed a double thrust to the throat in the corner. Kamille nailed several kicks and stomps, then used her boot to smother King against the buckles. She nailed a gutwrench suplex for a two count.

Kamille worked over King who fired back. Kamille nailed a big boot for a two count. She dragged King out to the ring post and slammed her shoulder. She went to do it again but King pulled her in and Kamille drilled her shoulder into the ring post. King nailed a dive to the outside. They fought on the floor with King being slammed into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Kamille nailed a running clothesline in the corner for a two count.

King fired back with several chops. King charged with a back elbow. Kamille broke free but was nailed by King for a two count. King nailed a big knee strike and an airplane spin. Kamille, dizzy, tried to strike but was nailed. King covered her for a two count. Kamille tied up King to the tree of woe. Kamille pulled her up in his shoulders and put her in a Torture Rack. She spun King into a powerbomb for a two count.

Kamille charged for a spear but King sidestepped and nailed a driver for a two count. Kamille shoved her into the buckles and nailed an over the shoulder powerbomb for a two count. King fired back and nailed a frog splash for another close two count. The story was that they kept shocking the other by kicking out of their big moves. Kamille finally burst into a spear for the pin.

Your winner and still NWA Women’s Champion, Kamille!

This was probably the strongest Kamille bout to date.

Bully Ray, who helped train each of these competitors, helped up King and showed her respect before raising Kamille’s hand. They faced off before shaking hands and showing respect to the other.

Max the Impaler hit the ringside scene, wiping out a security guard. They tried to get into the ring but was held back as Kamille challenged them to hit the ring. Five security guard failed to keep Max at bay before finally getting them to leave the ring.

Dr. Tom Prichard was introduced and made his way to the ring. Prichard took the ring mic and said it’s been a great night of action in Knoxville. He said he was proud of Kenzie Paige and Ella Envy for their championship win tonight, especially since Kenzie came to him three years ago to be trained and she got to see it happen in her home town. He talked about the history of the NWA in Knoxville and said he is sure this won’t be the last night we see great NWA action. He thanked everyone for supporting NWA and pro wrestling. He asked everyone to enjoy the main event.

NWA Champion Matt Carona, with his arm in a sling, came out with VSK, Chelsea Green and Mike Knox. He announced he was unable to compete tonight. He said he came to win the Ten Pounds of Gold and to save the NWA. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, that’s exactly what he and they have done. He told Knox he was proud of him. He told VSK he was the future of the business and told his wife she looked lovely and he was proud of her and all of them. He told the fans they should be proud of them too. Everyone knows Cardona is the NWA Champion. He said the belt was new and pretty when he earned it and now its all beat up and bloody because he took it all over the world. He fought for 19 years to become World Champion.

Tonight he was supposed to face Nick Aldis. Nick might want to punch him in the face, but they are more alike than Nick thinks. They bought want and need the title but tonight, they aren’t going to find out who’s the better man. He’s always ready but not tonight. He said his doctors said he’ll be out 3-5 months after surgery but when he woke up, the first thing he thought of was the NWA title. He told the belt that he loves it and he needs it. He can’t let it go. He asked if someone else was going to hold that championship. He said he calls the shots and it’s his show.

NWA President Billy Corgan came out. He told Matt that despite all this rage, he was just a rat in the cage. No, not really. Corgan actually told Cardona, he, not Cardona runs the company and asked Cardona to relinqush the title out of respect for the championship. Before Cardona could do so, out came Nick Aldis with a mic. Why isn’t he being backed up with the rest of the Commonwealth Connection?

Nick took the mic and said that he has some news to share. His back is killing him for carrying the promotion for the last five years. If Cardona wants to claim he saved something, he’s really just a typical ex-WWE parasite who looks around to see what others have built and then conned his way into the company by telling Billy Corgan how many Twitter followers he has. He said it’s not Cardona’s belt and it’s not Nick’s belt but it’s Ric Flair, it’s Dusty Rhodes, it’s Harley Race’s belt. He said Matt’s not a world champion. He said there’s a reason Ric Flair wants him to be on the Jim Crockett Promotion show. There’s a reason Dory Funk Jr. asked him to present Dory a lifetime achievement award. There’s a really Harley wanted nothing to do with the NWA for years and then gave his last interview with Nick about the NWA.

He said that Matt can go home and jerk himself and his Tweets over. He said he doesn’t care what Matt is going to do tonight with the title, because Nick is going to do what he always does, close out the show and send the fans home happy. He challenged anyone who wanted to go in the back. Out came Trevor Murdoch.

Murdoch is cashing in his rematch clause for the NWA Championship. Cardona and Corgan went back and forth in the ring but we couldn’t hear the audio. He was obviously trying to get Cardona to relinquish the title. Thom Latimer and Kamille came to the ring. Kamille said her husband is the next NWA Champion. Latimer said he’s known Billy for nearly a decade but doesn’t see it in him. He doesn’t think Latimer is championship material. He told Billy he was delusional and blind. He’s telling Billy he’s a main event guy and is going to be in the main event tonight and he’s going to walk out the champion. Corgan said he’s the reason Latimer is even in the company.

Sam Shaw came to the ring. He said, “I want in.”

The fans started chanting for Bully. He joked he was in and for someone to hit his music.

Cardona kept trying to get out of giving up the title while Corgan tried to convince him otherwise. Cardona kissed the belt goodbye and told Corgan that he trusts him. He and the Cardona family walked oit.

Nick Aldis vs. Samuel Shaw vs. Thom Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch to crown new NWA Champion

Everyone battled. Trevor and Latimer battled into the crowd. Latimer was clotheslined while sitting in a seat. Everyone battled in the crowd. They fought all over the building. Some of the lighting was dark but you could feel the crowd was enjoying it. They finally battled back into the ringside area. Latimer and Shaw forged an alliance. Aldis tossed Shaw over the top to the floor.

Murdoch and Latimer battled. Aldis slammed Shaw atop Murdoch. It settled into Murdoch battling Shaw, slamming him several times. He went for the top rope bulldog but Shaw leapt up with a big uppercut. He went for a superplex but was nailed down into the ring. Aldis confronted Murdoch but was punched off the apron. Murdoch went to the top and nailed a bodypress off the top onto everyone on the floor. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

Back in the ring, Latimer speared Aldis but Shaw pulled Kevin Keenan out of the ring to prevent him from counting the pinfall. Shaw went under the ring, which distracted Latimer, who looked for him but couldn’t figure out where he went. He went to the ropes, where Aldis nailed him and went for a superplex. Murdoch slipped under and they did a Tower of Doom spot. Shaw returned and attacked Murdoch, then hit the ring and attacked Aldis and Latimer, taking them down with right hands.

The battle raged on. Latimer nailed an Implant DDT and his powerbomb but Aldis nailed him with a big stunner. Murdoch drilled Aldis as he went for a cover on Shaw. Murdoch nailed a big lariat. Murdoch went for a top rope bulldog but slipped and his foot was caught as he went down. That could have been really SCARY. Aldis was nailed. Latimer nailed his powerbomb on Murdoch for a two count. Shaw locked in his choke submission, which the announcers called Silence. Latimer teased he was going out but Aldis returned and nailed a big flying elbow on Shaw.

Aldis nailed a tombstone piledriver for a two count on Shaw but Shaw got his shoulder up at the last second. Aldis went for the Kingsman Cloverleaf on Murdoch and cinched it. Latimer hit the ring to break it out. Shaw superkicked him but was tossed out. Murdoch nailed a top rope bulldog on an unsuspecting Aldis and scored the pin.

Your winner and new NWA Champion, Trevor Murdoch!

Murdoch is now a two-time champion.

Everyone worked really hard here. The segment setting up the match was as good as any talking TV segment you’d see on WWE TV and all four men worked super hard here to try and give the audience something main event worthy.

They showed Billy Corgan at ringside and he didn’t look thrilled.

Trevor Murdoch took the mic and said he told everyone what he was going to do and “I did that shit.” If you want something bad enough, don’t give up and go get it.

Credit: Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com