NWA Nuff Said Results – Febraury 11, 2023

NWA Nuff Said Review February 11, 2023

Missa Kate vs. La Rosa Negra (Pre Show)

Missa Kate & La Rosa Negra exchanged some technical wrestling to start this match off before Rosa powers up off the mat into an airplane spin on Kate that was followed with an elbow for a 2 count.

Rosa went to the top ropes but was cut off by Kate. Kate blocked a strike and smashed Rosa Negra’s face into the turnbuckle. Rosa Negra drops Kate and then hits Coqui Splash to get the win.

Winner: La Rosa Negra (6:07)
Rate: 5

Tag Team Match
Dak Draper & Mims vs. Jax Dane & Blake Troop (Pre Show)

Jax Dane & Blake Troop attacks Mims & Dak Draper from behind and immediately isolated Mims. Draper tags in but missed a springboard back elbow, and then Dane pops the trunk and hit a lariat then Dane went to a stretch and then a German suplex.

Troop tags in and immediately started suplexing Draper. Draper shows some power against Troop but it didn’t last long before Troop hit another suplex. Dane tags in and Draper hit a German suplex.

Mims tags in and hits an clothesline before dumping Dane to the floor. Chris Silvio tried to get involved but he accidentally hits Troop leading to Draper being able to cradle Troop for the win.

Winners: Dak Draper & Mims (7:23)
Rate: 5

Backstage May Valentine interviewed EC3, who claims he was over then he also said he was bringing CYN to the NWA and he was going to help people around the industry recover their passion.

Odinson vs. Joe Alonzo (Pre Show)

Odinson hits a uranage right away and then dominated in the early going before Joe Alonzo was able to get an attack in after pulling Odinson into the ring post then Alonzo works over the knee but Odinson used the purpose spray to hype himself up before hitting another uranage for a 2 count. Odinson dodges a Lionsault and then hits a pounce before hitting the F10 for the win.

Winner: Odinson (6:56)
Rate: 6

We go backstage to where May Valentine is with Silas Mason & he claims he was going to suck the air out of the arena when he beats JR Kratos.

Tag Team Match
Natalia Markova & Mercurio vs. Jennacide & Max The Impaler (Pre Show)

Mercurio & Jennacide started the match off with Mercurio tried to romance her but it fail before Jennacide then hit a neckbreaker on Markova before tagging out to Max The Impaler. Markova & Mercurio struggled individually against Max but were able to hit a few moves when they teamed up.

Markova hit a running knee strike on Max, but Jennacide came in and hit a proto plex. Mercurio yanks the hair of Jennacide in the corner before Markova hit a double armed DDT for the win.

Winners: Natalia Markova & Mercurio (6:59)
Rate: 6

Singapore Cane Match
Thom Latimer vs. Fodder

Thom Latimer starts the match off by chasing Fodder as they were both holding the Singapore canes and Fodder didn’t enter the ring to start the match until Latimer drops the cane, which he did. Latimer took control as soon as the match started then tosses Fodder into the corner and hitting a snake eyes.

Latimer heads to the top and dives with a cane but Fodder stops him with a cane shot to Latimer’s midsection. Fodder continued by choking Latimer with the cane followed by numerous shots to Latimer’s back for a two count.

Latimer took control by snatching the cane from Fodder, hitting him, followed by a piledriver and a crossface with the cane in Fodder’s mouth until he tapped out.

Winner By Submission: Thom Latimer (6:21)
Rate: 6

Backstage May Valentine is with Matt Cardona and asked if in his mind, he’s the real NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Cardona said his whole life he fought for this and it was taken away from him. It should have been handed back to him when he returned instead Tyrus won it fair & square but he didn’t beat him.

Cardona brings up that there’s no seconds allowed at ringside and is upset that Bully Ray is the commentator after their feud but tonight he will make history and become a 2x NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Kerry Morton (c) vs. Alex Taylor

This is Alex Taylor’s Champions Series Cash In Match.

Match starts off with Kerry Morton & Alex Taylor running the ropes with leap frogs and sunset flips until Morton puts on a headlock to slow down the pace. Morton keeps Taylor grounded after holding on after an arm drag but Taylor is able to back Morton into the corner and punch his way out.

Morton comes back with a dropkick before they fight on the apron where they have a chop exchange until Morton drops Taylor on the apron with a DDT. Danny Dealz screamed that he almost killed him and it shouldn’t be legal before pulling Morton outside of the ring as the referee was distracted.

As Morton was cornering Dealz, Taylor hits Morton with a suicide dive. Taylor stays in control hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Morton comes back with a neckbreaker and monkey flips Taylor in the corner. As Morton picks Taylor up he gets out and hits a fisherman’s buster for a two count.

Dealz is trying to find a weapon under the ring but Ricky Morton stops him and punches him out. In this confusion, Taylor hits a Cradle Shock but Morton kicks out at two. Morton is able to catch Taylor off the top rope hitting a powerbomb followed by Kiss It Goodbye but Taylor kicks out at two. Morton follows this by hitting the Final Cut for the win.

Winner & Still Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton (10:30) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

Silas Mason vs. JR Kratos

JR Kratos tried to attack Silas Mason from behind but Mason blocks him with a hip toss before Kratos came back with a body slam and back body toss. Silas comes back with 2 shoulder tackles but on the 3rd attempt goes crashing to the outside where Pollo Del Mar goes to comfort him until Kratos dives onto Mason.

Kratos uses the ring skirt to cover Mason as he punches away at him before they head back inside where Kratos punches away at Mason and chokes him out with the ropes. Despite the referee trying to stop him, Kratos takes off a turnbuckle pad.

Kratos continues to keep Mason down with kicks and punches but Mason is able to roll out and dodge 3 elbow drop attempts by Kratos before hulking up and going after Kratos with a toss powerslam. Mason continues with splashes in the corner and a big clothesline before hitting a powerbomb for a two count.

Kratos is able to catch Mason off the ropes then hits a brainbuster for a two count. After a bit of back & forth Mason catches Kratos into the Thrill Ride but Kratos kicks out and flips off Mason.

Mason puts on the ankle lock but Kratos gets out and runs into the corner immediately busting his forehead & he is bleeding everywhere. Mason puts on a Cobra Clutch as the referee immediately stops the match.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Silas Mason (10:06)
Rate: 7

Backstage May Valentine is with Angelina Love and says she’s been a champion everywhere she’s been except here in NWA. Love says she’s wrestled girls bigger than Kamille before and doesn’t care about her long Women’s Title reign because it’s coming to an end tonight. Valentine asks about her & Fodder’s disrespectful actions attacking Latimer & Kamille, but Love says she’s disrespected by that before saying Valentine disrespected herself by posing for Playboy and the only thing between her & Fodder in bed tonight will be the Women’s Title.

Women’s Tag Team Titles Match
Pretty Empowered (c) vs. The Renegade Twins

Robyn Renegade & Kenzie Paige starts the match off but right away Robyn goes to get some advice from her sister Charlette Renegade who gets knocked off the apron by Paige before she tags out to Ella Envy. Robyn knocks Envy to the outside and distracts the referee as Charlette attacks Envy.

The Renegades keep Envy in their corner while tagging in and out but miss a double elbow drop as Envy makes the hot tag to Paige who immediately gets taken down by a drop toe hold before The Renegades hit a double suplex on Paige for a two count.

Robyn & Envy go at it before Robyn heads to the top rope but gets knocked off by Paige as Envy gets a two count. Pretty Empowered starts double teaming Robyn as Paige attacks Roby on the ropes with double knees to the back for a two.

They continue and hit a double chokeslam on Robyn, as Envy gets a two count. Robyn tries to tag out to her sister but Paige hits her with an elbow to the back and they both collapse to the mat. The Renegades take control until Charlette rolls up Envy for the win.

Winners & New Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Renegade Twins (9:00) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 6

EC3 vs. Kevin Kiley

Kevin Kiley starts the match in control with splashes to EC3 in the corner until EC3 is able to reverse and hits the Snake Eyes to Kiley. EC3 continues by tossing Kiley into the corners. EC3 keeps Kiley on the mat and attacks him with stomps before hitting a DDT.

Kiley is able to come back with a swinging neckbreaker and a spinebuster but EC3 rolls to the outside. Kiley tries to dive onto him but looks to get caught up on the ropes and crashes face first in an ugly landing onto the hard floor. EC3 tosses Kiley back inside and puts on The Purpose as Kiley taps out.

Winner By Submission: EC3 (8:32)
Rate: 4

NWA World Tag Team Titles Match
La Rebelion (c) vs. Blunt Force Trauma

Mecha Wolf & Carnage starts the match off before Damage comes in as Blunt Force Trauma stays in control. Carnage tries to suplex Bestia 666 but he’s able to escape tries to tag out, but Carnage drags him to his corner where Damage comes in. Bestia is able to get out and hit a jawbreaker, making the hot tag to Wolf who springboards off the ropes before hitting a top rope moonsault taking down Blunt Force Trauma.

La Rebelion stays in control hitting double dropkicks before Bestia sends Carnage outside with head scissors as Mecha hits Damage with an exploder suplex. Bestia tags in and they hit a double knee strike on Damage. La Rebelion is able to toss Blunt Force Trauma to the outside where they meet them with dives. Aron Stevens interferes and hits Bestia with a loaded glove but the referee catches it and calls for the disqualification.

Winners By DQ & Still NWA World Tag Team Champions: La Rebelion (6:04) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 6 

After the match Blunt Force Trauma & Stevens continue to attack after them and go to pin Bestia as Stevens does the count then knocks Bestia out with the loaded glove before doing the same to Mecha Wolf.

Chris Adonis vs. Trevor Murdoch

Trevor Murdoch with some chops to the chest of Chris Adonis but Adonis comes back with a hip toss. Adonis continues with punches until Murdoch comes back with one of his own that knocks Adonis out for a two count.

Murdoch gets out of the way as Adonis goes crashing into the ring post before Murdoch goes and tosses him into it again. Murdoch stays in control as Adonis looks out of it as Murdoch hits a Russian leg sweep for a two.

Adonis mounts a comeback until Murdoch takes him down with a big clothesline for a two. Murdoch follows with Sky High then goes to the top rope and tries the top rope bulldog but Adonis catches him and puts on the Adonis Lock for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Chris Adonis (8:18)
Rate: 7

Women’s Title No DQ Match
Kamille (c) vs. Angelina Love 

Angelina Love is making her entrance, Kamille runs in from the crowd and attacks Love from behind. Kamille attacks with splashes in the corner while still wearing her Women’s Title before finally taking it off. Kamille continues on the attack with multiple pin attempts before Love is able to move out of the way as Kamille crashes into the ring post, falling to the outside.

Love attacks Kamille on the outside tossing Kamille into the ring post and apron. Love continues tossing Kamille onto the steel steps before grabbing a chair she smacks Kamille’s back with. Kamille grabs the chair and starts chasing Love but when they go back into the ring then Love stops her with elbow drops to the back before she uses Kamille’s own hair to choke her out in a Crossface.

They head back outside where Love tosses Kamille into the wall. As they go back towards the ring, Kamille blocks a kick from Love on the apron, trips her down, and drives her spine first into the ring post. Back inside Kamille takes control and puts on the Torture Rack before dropping her down for a two count.

Kamille goes and grabs a trash can from under the ring, places it against Love in the corner, heads to the top rope on the other side, and hits the Coast 2 Coast but Love rolls to the outside before Kamille can cover her. Kamille eventually brings Love back in for the cover but Love kicks out at two.

Kamille grabs a table from under the ring and places it in a corner. As Kamille turns around, Love tosses the trash can to Kamille and hits her with Botox Injection but Kamille kicks out at two.

Love goes and grabs the Women’s Title then Kamille ducks the Women’s Title shot and spears Love right through the table set up in the corner to put away Love.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion Kamille (12:39) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

May Valentine is backstage with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tyrus & BLK Jeez, where she says Tyrus has been criticized and deemed unworthy to be NWA World Heavyweight Champion but Tyrus says he’s the mountain top and when you’re sitting at the top everybody’s going to look at you before he calls out the small haters on the computer.

Tyrus says millions cheer for him every week and that’s all he can hear and he will bask in the glory and be the undisputed NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Valentine brings up how Jeez can’t be ringside and asks if there’s a rift between them which Jeez denies and says he’ll do everything in his power to make sure the NWA World Heavyweight Title stays with Tyrus.

National Title Match
Cyon (c) vs. Homicide

Homicide attacks Cyon to start the match. Quickly Cyon heads to the outside to console Idol before Homicide joins him and attacks him around the ring while going after Cyon’s mask. Homicide gets in Idol’s face as Idol says he’ll never win this title. Homicide stays in control and puts on the Brooklyn Bridge but Idol distracts him causing it to break up as Idol calls him an idiot for going for it.

Homicide continues trying to take the mask off by losing up the strings as the crowd chants to take it off. Cyon comes back by tossing Homicide into the ring post and knocking Homicide to the outside with a baseball kick. Cyon attacks Homicide against the barricade and back body drops Homicide onto the apron as Cyon goes back inside to distract the referee, Idol stomps at Homicide.

Cyon rips off the Jay Briscoe armband that Homicide is wearing and starts choking him with it. They start going into a chop exchange but Cyon stops Homicide with a power slam for a two. Cyon grabs the mic and tells Homicide to apologize to his father Austin Idol for the stuff he said about him and calls Homicide the biggest waste of talent NWA has ever said and says the people here don’t even know his name.

Idol teases saying he’s sorry but ends up calling Idol a bi*ch. They head to the top rope where Cyon hits a superplex for a two count. Homicide comes back with a neckbreaker and puts on a crucifix pin for a two before following with the Koji Cutter that Cyon kicks out of. Homicide flips off Cyon before Cyon hits the rolling Death Valley Driver for the win.

Winner & Still National Champion: Cyon (16:25) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 6

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Tyrus (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Tyrus starts in control before Matt Cardona goes to the outside and gets close to Bully Ray who gets up from commentary and tells Cardona to get back into the ring. Tyrus goes after Cardona, but as they head back inside, Cardona kicks the rope from under Tyrus and hits a missile dropkick off the second rope for a two count.

Cardona stays in control while taunting the crowd, before mounting Tyrus with punches and hitting a neckbreaker for a one count. Cardona starts working on Tyrus’ legs and puts on the Figure 4 but he’s eventually able to grab the rope and escape. Cardona tries another missile dropkick but Tyrus blocks him and drives him down followed by a clothesline and a body slam.

Tyrus splashes Cardona in the corner, but as he goes for another one, Cardona gets out of the way. As Tyrus is in the corner, Cardona hits 3 back 2 back Reboots and goes for the cover but Tyrus kicks out at two. Cardona goes and grabs the NWA World Heavyweight Title but as the referee tries to take it away from him, Cardona ducks and Tyrus takes out the referee.

Tyrus goes after Cardona and hits an exploder suplex followed by an elbow drop, but the referee is laid out to make the count. Rolando Freeman runs out with a chair and smacks Tyrus in the back with it but it has no effect as Tyrus knocks the chair out of Freeman’s hands and hits him with an exploder suplex knocking him to the outside.

Cardona grabs the chair and starts hitting Tyrus with it, followed by a NWA World Heavyweight Title shot as the referee comes to and goes for the count as Tyrus kicks out at two. Cardona dodges Tyrus as he splashes the referee and takes him out again.

Mike Knox runs out and helps Cardona attack Tyrus. Knox goes to grab the ring bell but Bully Ray runs down and takes Knox out. As Ray & Cardona exchange words, Tyrus puts on the Tongan Death Grip on Cardona to get the win.

Winner & Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus (13:20) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 1

After the match BLK Jeez enters the ring to hand Tyrus the NWA World Heavyweight Title, Bully Ray takes it from him and tells Jeez to leave before asking for a mic. Ray says he respects Tyrus and gives him the NWA World Heavyweight Title and tells him he busted his ass to get where he is today. Ray brings up the stupid shit Tyrus did with his dancing but he earns his spot and is deserving of the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Ray says people don’t like Tyrus but they have to respect him. Tyrus said it means alot as Ray is someone he respects but nobody in the locker room helped him because they fear him. Tyrus thanks Ray and says if he wants to go at it they can but at the end of the day, they aren’t friends.