NWA Releases Complete Bracket Seeding For 2023 Crockett Cup Tournament

The brackets are set.

It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year for the NWA Crockett Cup.

On Friday, the National Wrestling Alliance released a video that included the announcement of the bracket seeding for the 2023 NWA Crockett Cup Tournament.

Featured below is the complete lineup for the 2023 NWA Crockett Cup Tournament.


* Fodder & Flip Gordon vs. Sent 2 Slaughter (Dan Maff & Shawn Donovan)

* Cyon & Jordan Clearwater (with Austin Idol) vs. Last Chance Spot (Winner of Triple Treat Tag Team Match)

* SVGS (Jax Dane & Bulletproof Troop) vs. T.N.T. (Terrell & Terrence Hughes)

* The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky & Jay Bradley) vs. Yabo the Clown & Ruffo the Clown

* Max the Impaler & Judais (with Father James Mitchell) vs. The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus)

* Kratos & Odinson vs. Magic Jake Dumas & Brian Brock

* Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper & Mims) vs. The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce & Rush Freeman) (with Rolando Freeman

* Toxin & Arez vs. The Heatseekers (Elliot Russell & Sigmon)

* In the Last Chance Triple Threat Match, Daisy Kill & Talos will face the Miserably Faithful (Gaagz the Gymp & Sal the Pal) and the team of Jeremiah Plunkett and Eric Jackson