NWA USA Results – May 6, 2023

NWA USA Results – May 6th, 2023

This week’s NWA USA kicks off from Highland Park, Illinois with Joe Galli, Danny Dealz and Tim Storm on commentary. Wrestling as it’s meant to be.

Opening Match
Crockett Cup Qualification Tag Team Match (Special Guest Referee: Homicide)
Brady Pierce and Rush Freeman (The Spectaculars) defeated Rolando Freeman and Eric Jackson via pinfall and will advance to the Crockett Cup next month.

Backstage interview between May Valentine, Sal the Pal and Gaagz the Gymp. Sal the Pal is now going by his new name, “Sal Vation”. Valentine wants to know if it has been painful for the two since leaving Father Mitchell. Sal says that while pain is temporary, love is eternal and that all he needs in this life of sin is his best friend Gaagz. Valentine follows up by asking what they think their chances are later tonight against their former team members. Sal says while [Max and Judais] are scary, nothing is scarier than a life without love. Gaagz follows up by unzipping his mask and sticking his tongue out as Sal begins to laugh and completely creeping out Valentine.

Singles Match
Angelina Love defeated Kylie Paige via pinfall.

Backstage interview between May Valentine and Pollo Del Mar. Valentine wants to know how Pollo Del Mar feels knowing that much of Thrill Billy Silas’ current success has been because of Pollo’s influence. Pollo mentions that while Thrill Billy is a top talent, Pollo also considers herself a generational talent as well. It is because of this that Pollo feels it is not only an obligation to stand by his side, but to be very proud in doing so. While Pollo is excited to see the results of this week’s upcoming NWA National championship title match between Tom Latimer and EC3, the goal is still the same. The goal being Thrill Billy Silas becoming NWA National “champagne” next month at the Crockett Cup.

Main Event
Crockett Cup Qualification Tag Team Match
Max the Impaler and Judais (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated Sal the Pal and Gaagz the Gymp (The Miserably Faithful) via pinfall and will advance to the Crockett Cup next month.

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