NXT Level Up Results – November 25, 2022

(Image Credit: WWE)

NXT Level Up Results – November 25, 2022

Xyon Quinn vs. Tank Ledger

Match starts off with a lock up and Tank Ledger flips Xyon Quinn to the mat then they do a test of strength and Quinn gets the advantage but Ledger bridges and pushes back. Quinn buries a knee and gets a running shoulder tackle.

They each miss a clothesline and Ledger gets a hip toss after blocking one from Quinn. Ledger charges and gets tripped into the middle buckle. Quinn unloads with rights and lefts in the corner. Some fish hooking from Quinn followed by a belly 2 back suplex for two.

He gets the back and pours down some forearms to the back and the neck. Quinn grabs a chinlock and jumps on the back. Ledger breaks the hands, so Quinn releases and buries a forearm to the back followed by a clothesline. Quinn charges and eats an elbow in the corner and Ledger fires back with strikes.

He runs Quinn into the corner with a shoulder and hits a SOS Slam. Ledger hits a splash. Quinn uses the ropes to cut off the rally and connects with a back elbow. Quinn powers Ledger up and hits a Driver then connects with a running forearm to get the victory.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

Backstage Amari Miller cuts a promo about her match with Elektra Lopez.

Amari Miller vs. Elektra Lopez

Lopez gets a full nelson quickly and rag dolls Miller for a but. Miller bridges out of a pin attempt and gets slammed back to the mat. Miller back with a side headlock and takes Lopez down by the arm. Miller gets sent to the apron and tries to jump in for a sunset flip, but Lopez takes out the knee causing Miller to crash on the apron.

Lopez goes after the back with a slam and drops an elbow for two. Lopez grabs and arm and and hooks a chinlock as the fans try to rally Miller. She tries to arm drag her way out, but Lopez holds the arm on the way through. Miller floats over to break and gets a clothesline. Lopez back with some forearms, but misses a charge in the corner.

Miller throws some kicks and leaps up to the top and comes off with a twisting crooked moonsault but Lopez gets the knees up to block. Lopez connects with Electric Shock puts Miller away.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

Dante Chen vs. Damon Kemp

Match begins with Damon Kemp immediately grabs the leg for a take down and gets a pin with Dante Chen out before the ref can count. Kemp with another take down and he slaps Chen around a bit to play some mind games. Kemp hooks a hammerlock, and Chen tries to roll out but that lets Kemp grab an armbar. Chen fights to his feet and reverses to arm control. He works the shoulder joint and slaps Kemp around a bit to pay him back.

Chen gets a few armdrags but gets caught with a Stun Gun and Kemp mows him down with a European uppercut. He stomps away in the corner and fires off an overhead belly 2 belly suplex. He bends Chen around the ring post then a neckbreaker gets two. Kemp gets mount and hammers down with forearms. He hooks a chinlock and then flattens Chen out as he tries to escape.

Chen gets back to a seated position and then back to his feet. Kemp looks for the neckbreaker again, but Chen grans the top rope to counter. Chen goes crazy fist and hits a running boot to the jaw. Kemp throws Chen to the apron where he decides to go up top. Kemp catches him on the way down and gets a release German suplex then a twisting Rock Bottom gets the win

Winner: Damon Kemp