NXT Spoiler: Tommaso Ciampa Explains Why He Turned Against Johnny Gargano (Photo)

Tommaso Ciampa came out on crutches during Thursday night’s NXT taping. Here is what Ciampa said courtesy of @MrJacobCohen on Twitter:

Crowd chanting “Why Ciampa Why?” Ciampa invites Gargano out to the ring because he feels he owes him an explanation. “Right… Johnny isn’t here tonight.” Thursday before Takeover Ciampa sustained an injury, it didn’t matter, he was still going to fight. But the people were thinking up dream partners for Gargano, it took 24 hours for Ciampa to become an afterthought to the fans. When Ciampa realized they lost he knew he was injured & going away for a long time, when he looked across at John it became clear. That if Ciampa went away Gargano would replace him, Ciampa won’t become an afterthought, and in that moment he made his choice. It is the fans fault and it is Gargano’s fault that DIY is done, if Ciampa has to go away then Gargano had to go away too. Takeover: Chicago was supposed to be DIY’s moment, but it ended up being Ciampa’s moment. Ciampa is irreplaceable, Gargano is irreplaceable, the fans are replaceable. When Ciampa returns he will be the most dangerous man in professional wrestling and everyone is on notice.