NXT Vengeance Day Review (02/04/2023)

NXT Vengeance Day Review – February 4, 2023

North American Title Match
Wes Lee (c) vs. Dijak

Match starts off with Wes Lee & Dijak lock up before Dijak slammed Lee to the mat. They locked up again before Lee got a headlock on Dijak but Dijak punched him in the gut before hitting a shoulder tackle on Lee.

Dijak told him to stay down & give him the North American Title to which Lee obliged before hitting an up kick on Dijak. Lee hit the Tijeras on Dijak before getting a waist lock on Dijak but Dijak tossed Lee with a Bandera.

Lee hit a Buckshot Tijeras before sending Dijak to the outside. Lee went for a dive off the apron, but Dijak caught him and hit a Death Valley Driver on Lee on the outside. Back in the ring Dijak got Lee in a single leg hook for a near fall. Dijak laid in the strikes on Lee’s back before getting another near fall on Lee.

Dijak laid his knee pad on Lee onto the middle rope before hitting two back elbows on the corner into a Falcon Arrow toss on Lee for a near fall. Lee hit an uppercut and went for a running crossbody but Dijak caught him and tossed him right to the outside of the ring.

Dijak got Lee and slammed him across the apron & barricade before sending him back into the ring & getting a near fall on Lee. Dijak began raining stomps on Lee before placing him in the corner and hitting a series of forearm strikes & a back elbow before hitting an Irish whip into a corner back elbow on Lee.

Dijak tossed Lee with an Irish whip and tried to repeat the dose, but Lee evaded to send Dijak crashing to the outside. Back in the ring, they exchanged strikes before Lee hit a series of body shots before hitting a shotgun dropkick into the middle turnbuckle followed by a thrust kick to the corner. Lee hit an enziguri kick on Dijak before hitting a deadlift German suplex on Dijak for only a two count.

Lee & Dijak brawled on the apron before Dijak went for another Death Valley Driver but Lee evaded and hit a backdrop on Dijak onto the apron. Lee hits a cartwheel into a Fosbury Flop on Dijak to the outside before sending Dijak back in the ring and went for a cartwheel, but Dijak caught him with a Torture Rack.

Lee reversed it with a Poison Rana before hitting a fisherman’s brainbuster on Dijak for a near fall. Lee got on the top rope but Dijak evaded before hitting a thrust kick on Lee. Dijak responded quickly and hits High Justice on Lee for a near fall to which he responded by locking in a modified Crossface Chicken Wing on Lee. Lee rolled through but Dijak kept the hold on Lee.

Lee started to fade but Lee go a burst of energy and went for a rope break but Dijak pulls him away. Dijak went for a Torture Rack but Lee evaded and reversed it with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Lee hit a thrust kick on Dijak but Dijak smiled and asked Lee to bring it. Lee hit a knee strike but Dijak responded with a big boot on Lee for a near fall. Dijak hit a thrust kick into a lariat on Lee, but Lee kicked out again.

Dijak pulled Lee from his hair and got to the middle rope before attempting to hit an Awesome Bomb on Lee, but Lee reversed it with a rana buster before hitting the Tornillo Senton on Dijak, but Dijak kicked out at 2.9 for the close near fall.

Lee went for a tope suicida on Dijak on the outside, but Dijak evaded and slammed him onto the barricade. Dijak got Lee on a Gamer Chair and locked him up with a broom before hitting a thrust kick on Lee. Dijak climbed to the top rope and went for a moonsault off the top but Tony D’Angelo & Stacks got in the way to save Lee. Back in the ring Dijak went for a springboard lariat on Lee but Lee caught him mid air with a thrust kick before hitting a double cartwheel Pele Kick on Dijak for the win.

Winner & Still North American Champion: Wes Lee (17:01) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

NXT Women’s Tag Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance were interviewed backstage ahead of their match against Fallon Henley & Kiana James. Carter said that she did not care about the personal situation of Henley & James, they only cared about retaining the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Fallon Henley & Kiana James

Kayden Carter & Kiana James began the match locking up before Carter got a waist lock on James before she walked over James’s back. James tosses Carter to the outside but Carter responded by smacking Jensen’s bum. Carter & Katana Chance double teamed James with a dropkick/senton combo for a near fall.

Fallon Henley tags in but James & Henley had miscommunication before they hit stereo ripcord lariats on Carter & Chance. Carter hit an up kick on Henley before Chance & Carter hit a leg drop/standing moonsault combo on Henley for a near fall. James tags in and hit a back suplex on Chance for a near fall.

James hit a back flip into a corner spear on Chance before she tossed Chance into Henley to hit a flatliner for a near fall. Henley got a modified sleeper on Chance but Chance broke the hold before Carter tags in.

Carter attacked both James & Henley before hitting a thrust kick on James into a splash on Henley. Carter hit a pump kick to send Henley to the outside before Carter tosses Chance onto Henley & James with a diving crossbody on the outside.

Back in the ring Henley hit a forearm strike on Chance before James tags in. Chance & Carter hit the Silly String on James before Carter tags in but James caught her and hit a Spinebuster on Carter for a near fall. Carter hit a knee strike before tripping James.

Carter & Chance went for a Wheelbarrow Moonsault on James but James lifted her knees Henley hit a double springboard lariat on Chance before she & James hit an assisted Michinoku Driver on Chance for a near fall.

Carter hit a Cutter on James on the outside, knocking her out on the outside. Chance sent Henley to the apron with a Bandera before Carter tags in and went for a deadlift suplex, but Henley hit a headbutt before meeting on the top.

Carter got Henley in an electric chair position before Chance hits a springboard Frankensteiner off the top rope onto the mat for a near fall.

Chance & Carter went for the 450/Neckbreaker combo, but Henley evaded and got her in a victory roll before James pulled Carter’s leg to give Henley the win.

Winners & New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Fallon Henley & Kiana James (9:20) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 6

Drew Gulak spoke with Hank Walker in the NXT Watch Along saying that he will work in getting Walker ring attire.

Lyra Valkyria called an Open Challenge for anyone in the Women’s Division for Tuesday.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes

Match starts off with a lock up before Apollo Crews got a wrist lock on Carmelo Hayes but Hayes rolled over and got a leg takedown before the two went for a stalemate. They locked up again before Hayes hit a drop toe hold on Crews before they exchanged holds before they got another stalemate. Hayes got a waist lock on Crews but Crews reversed it with a headlock before Hayes locked in the headscissors on Crews, but Hayes rolls over and got another headlock on Hayes before locking in a Guillotine Choke on Crews.

They ran the ropes before Hayes leaped over Crews and hit two slaps right on Crews’s mouth, but Crews responded with a slap before telling Hayes to get his ass up. Crews did a front flip to evade Hayes before they ran the ropes. Hayes stops himself at Hayes’s dropkick before he attempted a codebreaker but Crews caught him into a catapult before hitting a dropkick while Hayes was in mid air.

Crews slams Hayes into the corner before slamming him with an Irish whip to the corner into a backbreaker on Hayes. Crews got a waist lock on Hayes but Hayes got the ropes going for a springboard move but Crews caught him mid air and hit a German suplex on Hayes. Hayes tosses Crews to the apron before going for a sliding dropkick but Crews leaped over him.

Crews argued with Trick Williams on the outside before stepping aside and evading Hayes’s attempt at a tope suicida. Crews hit a Moonsault on Hayes off the apron. Back in the ring, Crews hit a senton on Hayes for a near fall. Williams got a chair from under the ring to sit down while Crews got Hayes and hit a stalling vertical suplex on Hayes for a near fall.

Hayes tossed Crews to the outside with a Bandera/cutter before he rolls out of the ring and pulled him back in. Back in the ring, Hayes attacked Crews’s head before getting a single leg hook on Crews for a near fall. Hayes got a headlock on Crews before hitting a knee strike to the abdomen before slamming him with a flapjack on the top rope for a near fall.

Crews & Hayes exchanged strikes before Hayes hit a short arm lariat on Crews, clubbing him down to the mat. Hayes taunted Crews, but Crews responded with 2 German suplexes and a back drop on Hayes. Crews hit 3 straight lariats, a leaping lariat, a bandera toss, and an enziguri kick into a deadlift superplex on Hayes for a near fall.

Hayes went for a Crossface, but Hayes rolled through to lock it again before Crews got a pin on Hayes for a near fall. Hayes hit La Mistica on Crews before hitting a suplex lift into a cutter for a near fall but Hayes quickly responded by locking in the Crossface & Crews has no choice but to tap out.

Winner Of The 1st Fall By Submission: Carmelo Hayes

2nd Fall

Hayes got back up and slaps Crews in the face before getting a headlock on Crews. Hayes slammed Crews’s face onto the middle rope, but Crews got back up and hit 3 German suplexes into a standing shooting star press on Hayes for a near fall. Crews got to the middle rope but Hayes caught him with an enziguri kick before hitting Fade Away for a near fall.

Crews got back up and hit a flipping DDT on Hayes for a near fall. Crews went for another deadlift suplex on Hayes but Hayes pushed him off the top rope onto the apron. They were on the top turnbuckle before Hayes slams himself & Crews onto the top rope. Hayes got back in the ring at the count of 7 but Crews got back in at the count of 9.

Crews hit a knee strike before hitting an Angle Slam on Hayes. Hayes hit a Code Breaker on Crews but Crews got back up and hit a Death Valley Driver on Hayes. Williams took the top turnbuckle pad off one of the corners before Hayes hit a pump kick on Crews, but Crews fired back up and hit an Irish whip on Hayes onto the exposed turnbuckle.

Dabba Kato made the save and took out Williams then Hayes hit a springboard lariat on Crews before connecting with Nothing But Net to put Crews away.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (23:31) (2-0)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

After the match Dabba Kato hugs Apollo Crews but Kato hit a headbutt on Crews immediately. Kato hit the Sky High on Crews onto a chair.

Valentina Feroz accepted Lyra Valkyria’s challenge with Wendy Choo promising to join her at ringside.

New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Fallon Henley & Kiana James celebrated backstage with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen with champagne.

NXT Tag Team Title Fatal 4 Way Match
New Day (c) vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus vs. Chase U

Elton Prince & Kofi Kingston locked up before Prince got a headlock on Kingston. Kingston hit the Tijeras & a chop on Prince before Xavier Woods tags in. Woods hit 2 chops before tossing Prince to the outside. Wilson got on the apron before Prince got Wilson in an electric chair but Kingston hit a sliding dropkick before Thea Hail yells at Pretty Deadly.

Woods hit a tope suicida on Prince before Duke Hudson did the blind tag. Woods hit a stalling suplex before Hudson hit two shoulder tackles into an elbow drop. Andre Chase hit a chop on Wilson before Mark Coffey tags in. Wolfgang tags in as Gallus worked over Prince & chopped the chest out of Wilson. Woods tagged in for Wilson but Gallus immediately worked on Woods before Prince tags in and stomped away at Woods into the corner.

Pretty Deadly worked on Woods into the corner before Wilson got a wrist lock on Woods, but Woods broke the hold and hit a shoulder tackle. Wilson hit 3 elbow drops before Prince & Wilson hit a series of chops on Woods. Prince took down Chase U but Woods caught him with an enziguri kick before Kingston tags in. Kingston took down Gallus & Pretty Deadly before he hit a Boom Drop on Pretty Deadly & Coffey. Kingston hit the SOS on Prince for a near fall.

All the members of the match laid each other before Pretty Deadly hits an assisted gut buster on Kingston for a near fall. Kingston tossed Wilson to the outside with a Bandera before New Day hit the Midnight Hour on Prince but Chase U, Gallus & Wilson broke up the pin.

All 4 teams brawled on the outside before Kingston got Chase on the top rope but Chase tossed Kingston onto the pile. Wilson punches Chase before going for a superplex on Chase, but Chase hit a superplex onto the pile.

Gallus got Chase and set up the broadcast table, but Hudson attacks Gallus. Pretty Deadly got Hudson and went for a suplex on Hudson onto the table, but Pretty Deadly sent him back to the ring and set back the table. Hudson hit double lariats on Wilson & Prince before hitting jabs on Wilson, an overhead toss on Prince & a diving shoulder tackle on Coffey.

Hudson did a kip up before going for the Sweet Chin Music but Wolfgang distracted Hudson. Gallus attacked Hudson before they chokeslams Hudson through the announce table. Chase hit a series of punches on everyone before Chase hit a Russian leg sweep & the Chase U Stomps on Coffey into a diving crossbody onto Coffey for a near fall.

Chase locks in the Figure 4 on Coffey but Wolfgang hit a leg drop to break the hold before he & Coffey hit an enziguri kick/Powerslam combo on Chase for a near fall. Kingston hit a dive on Wolfgang before he dove onto Pretty Deadly to the outside but Pretty Deadly hit the Spilled Milk on Kingston on the outside.

Woods came to the ring & went for a springboard elbow drop on Wolfgang, but Wolfgang caught him before he & Coffey hit a sliding elbow/powerslam combination on Woods to score the win.

Winners & New NXT Tag Team Champions: Gallus (16:46) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 7

Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolan vs. Jacy Jayne

Roxanne Perez kicks this match off by attacking Toxic Attraction but Gigi Dolin hits a pump kick on Perez before they hit an STO on Perez. Toxic Attraction double teams Perez before Dolin hit a backbreaker into Jayne’s boot on Perez. Perez got. victory roll on Jayne into a Thesz Press on Dolin. Perez hit a double shotgun dropkick on Toxic Attraction before hitting a double arm drag on Toxic Attraction to send them to the outside.

Perez hit a tope suicida on Dolin before Jayne hit a cannonball on Dolin. Back in the ring, Perez got a crossface on Jayne before Perez got a wrist lock on Jayne but Jayne responded with a neckbreaker on Perez. Jayne hit a chop on Perez. Jayne hit a clothesline on Perez, but Dolin pulled Jayne to the outside.

Perez hit a Tope on Jayne but Dolin attacks Perez and slammed her onto the barricade. Dolin & Perez brawled on the apron before Dolin hit an STO on Perez. Dolin hit a back suplex on Perez, but Jayne pulled Dolin to break the pin then Toxic Attraction started arguing before they exchanged slaps.

They exchanged pins before Perez hit both of them with a diving crossbody on them. Perez hit a shotgun dropkick on Jayne before hitting uppercuts on Dolin & Jayne. Perez hit a leg sweep/DDT combo on Toxic Attraction for a near fall. Jayne caught Perez before she booted Perez & Dolin on the corner before hitting them with a cannonball senton. Jayne hit the Kiss By The Rose on Perez for a near fall.

They exchanged forearm strikes before Jayne hit a rolling forearm on Dolin. Perez & Jayne exchanged roll ups before Jayne hit an uppercut on Perez. Perez hit a kick before going for Pop Rox but Dolin caught her with a lariat before hitting a snap suplex on Perez, but Jayne hit a senton on Dolin.

All 3 exchanged strikes before Toxic Attraction hit thrust kicks on Perez before they headbutted each other. Dolin tossed Perez out of the ring before they got a table from under the ring. Perez hit gut kicks on Toxic Attraction before hitting the Pop Rox on Dolin on the outside.

Back in the ring, Perez got on the top rope, but Jayne hit an enziguri kick on Perez. Perez attacked Jayne while Dolin came for the save, but Perez kicked Dolin onto the table. Perez cleared the way before hitting an Avalanche Pop Rox on Jayne to put Jayne away.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Roxanne Perez (14:42) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 6

NXT Title Steel Cage Match
Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller 

Before the match starts Grayson Waller attacks Bron Breakker outside of the cage but Breakker hit gut punches on Waller followed by a chop on Waller. Breakker slams Waller onto the barricade before slamming the cage door. They finally got in the cage to begin the match.

Waller tried to climb out of the cage but Breakker caught him and hit a chop on him. Waler got a Cravat on Breakker, but Breakker ran the ropes before he hit a shoulder tackle on Waller followed by stalling suplex and a standing suplex into Waller’s groin. Waller hit a jab on Breakker but Breakker was not happy.

Waller hits a tornado DDT on Breakker for a near fall. Waller hits a basement dropkick on Breakker before hitting a series of elbow drops on Breakker. Waller went for a Rolling Stunner but Breakker caught him and hit a Belly 2 belly toss on Waller. Breakker climbs to the top rope and hit a diving Bulldog on Waller.

Waller got on the apron, but Breakker hit himself into the cage. Waller got a near fall. Waller hit a series of jabs on Breakker before slamming him onto the cage. Waller hits a crossbody on Breakker onto the cage and went for another but Breakker caught him before Waler evaded and slams him onto the cage before hitting a flipping Killswitch on Breakker for a near fall.

Waller hit a suplex on Breakker. Breakker hit a Frankensteiner on Waller off the top rope. Breakker went for another Bulldog but Waller caught him with a knee strike before hitting a walk rope elbow drop on Breakker for a near fall. Waller wraps Breakker’s arms into the ropes before hitting a shotgun dropkick on Breakker onto the cage.

Breakker powered out of the ropes, which bamboozled Waller. Breakker slams Waller’s face onto the cage before tossing him onto the cage with a gorilla press. Waller hits a low blow on Breakker before hitting the rolling Stunner on Breakker for a near fall.

Waller climbs through the cage to hit a diving elbow drop, but Breakker leaped to the corner and climbs to the cage before Breakker hit a superplex on Waller off the top of the cage.

Breakker hit a vicious spear on Waller putting his straps down. Breakker told Waller that this was his dog pound, but Waller slaps Breakker in response. Breakker hit another and a final spear puts Waller away.

Winner & Still NXT Champion: Bron Breakker (14:25) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams walk down the ramp and stared daggers at Breakker as Breakker was standing on top of the Steel Cage to close out Vengeance Day.