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People have been wondering where I’ve been.  I’ve been getting emails, tweets and messages on Facebook asking me what I’ve thought about the post-Wrestlemania / Brock Lesnar era taking place on WWE television these days.

I haven’t been answering.  I haven’t been saying much.  I haven’t been too interested in what’s going on.  Frankly, I’ve been finding it hard to watch anything WWE lately.  I haven’t been caring.

I’m well aware that Brock Lesnar has come back, and yes I’ve tuned in enough to see him F5ing Cena, cutting his pretaped promo and doing that awful contract signing segment.  I saw Edge return to tell Cena that he needs to be the Cena he used to be (which I’m fairly certain is the same Cena we’re still watching.)  Ultimately, I haven’t been pulled in.

There is some argument that could be made saying I’ve fallen victim to the infamous Wrestlemania hangover.  I can’t argue against that, but to say I think that is only a small fraction of why I am not enthralled by current WWE programming.

I consider it more logical to chalc it up to several factors.  After watching WWE for years, and seeing the past few where it has been, debatably, bouncing from good to dreadful, it can be difficult to replenish that interest which caused me to tune in in the first place.

Sure, I like Brock Lesnar and I popped just as loud as most people did when he arrived and wiped the floor with John Cena.  Internally, I can’t help but wonder if this is half because of my interest in Lesnar and half because of my hatred for Cena.  I watched Jericho smash a bottle of Punk’s head with as much interest as the next guy, and laughed just as hard when Jericho slipped in the fake liquor.  Still, something is missing here for me as well.

So, what’s the problem?  I’ll tell you.  First and foremost, I just sat through an entire year of John Cena being the main event focus while not in the title chase and I’m simply not interested in watching it happen again.   I don’t care how many times he makes his boo-boo face and puts a ridiculous looking chain around his neck.  I’m tired of Cena and I thought, I hoped, I wished, I pleaded, that after Wrestlemania we’d get to see just a little less of this guy.  Well, we’re seeing more.  I can’t take it.  I can’t take this guy.

I love the Rock, but wasn’t too into the angle because it involved Cena.  I think Brock is awesome, but I’d rather watch him feud with Santino than John Cena.  Cena has the magical ability to disrupt any sense of realism (I know, it’s fake, but you want suspended disbelief) that could exist without his BS.  I can’t torture myself to watch this guy.

The Jericho / Punk thing was certainly interesting.  I thought it was a little unnecessary to involve family members, but I did think it was funny because Jericho is a promo master and he sold it like gold.  I thought Jericho breaking the bottle over Punk’s head was great.  Then they had to do that angle with Punk coming out of the Pub which I found to be stupid.  I thought they couldn’t get much stupider until I saw the retarded sobriety test angle.  I changed channels back to the NHL Playoffs faster than it became clear Punk was only pretending.

These are two talented wrestlers, great promo men and interesting personalities who are trying to sell a match by acting like total goofball morons.  It’s a sad state of affairs when the best way to sell what could be a fantastic match is to have them acting like children.  Jericho comes off like he’s too stupid to see what’s happening, which is fine if you do it after the buildup, and Punk looks like a fool for playing along with it.  Remember when he was all about pipebombs?

The rest of it, I’ll just run through quickly.  If a Bella is Diva’s champion than Kharma better be coming back.. oh it didn’t matter, WWE could care less about the title so why should I?  Orton vs Kane.. again.. really.. don’t do this to me.  The Miz is challenging for the US title against the great champion of…. Santino.  Right.  Usually Santino is telling jokes, but here the joke is on us.  I could go on, but why bother?

So, I’m trying WWE.  I am.  I’m trying to watch and I’m trying to care and I’m trying to fight through this, but they’re certainly not making it easy on me.  Maybe I’m alone, and maybe you guys are loving this right now.  I’m glad for you if you are, but I’m certainly struggling to keep my television tuned in.  Maybe it will get better.