One Count Kickout – Why am I Watching This?

The true backbone of any company is the talent of those who work within it.  It is upon their shoulders that the success will sit, or the failure will fall.  Unfortunately, in many cases, talent alone cannot grant you success.  So many pieces of the puzzle have to come together in the right way.  You can make mistakes, and you will, but so long as you learn from them those mistakes can prove to be vital to your success.  If you do not learn from them, however, you are dooming yourself to not only repeat those mistakes, but most likely to repeat them to further extremes and to ultimately destroy any chances of success.  Any student of history is aware that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  It is in this vain that I then must ask, why is TNA allowing itself to become WCW 2.0?

At this point in time it is becoming a matter of negligence.  I want to believe that those people who are behind the  scenes of TNA have its best interests at heart, that this is a matter of wanting the company to succeed rather than wanting to get yourself over, make a quick buck and skip town when the contract is up.  Although there is a strong possibility that TNA would be better off if those in power now were to get out.  It is almost confusing as to how they could manage to be doing as poorly as they are.  You’d think with all of that talent, and all of those years of experience in the business, you’d be able to at least grow the product slowly rather than killing it.  iMPACT has become a confusing, illogical skeleton of a long dead WCW.  I used to enjoy watching TNA because it was about the wrestling, it was about the action and now it seems to be about other things I could care less about.

Please, someone, explain to me why I am watching things like Tara lip syncing her entrance song, Eric Bischoff having dinner with members of Immortal and talking about being “fair”, Jeff Jarrett challenging fans to random MMA exhibitions and I’m not seeing things like AJ Styles in a match that actually means something or womens singles action that involves more than just who can wear the skimpiest outfit?  To be fair, the Mickie James / Tara cage match was exciting but why are you dumping so many talented female wrestlers over the past few months, going so far as to strip the Knockout Tag Titles from one of them, and then constructing a Knockouts Tag Team Tournament with your depleted roster of knockouts?  I’m lost here.  TNA used to be one of the best places to go for talented female performers and now they are essentially exactly what the company calls them, T&A.

Knockouts aside, there is a lot of frustration going into the world title picture.  I’m really torn on why TNA chooses to have Jeff Hardy represent them as their world champion.  I like Jeff, and I enjoyed his work in the past, but if you’ve been paying any attention lately you must be aware that this is a man whose life is not exactly in a good place.  There was so much scattered chatter at the last PPV about possibly stripping him of the title due to his being “tired” from the long trip, not to mention this guy is getting “tired” and making youtube videos, all leading up to legal charges in regard to drugs.  Also, is Jeff Hardy really giving you a massive bump in the ratings?  Sure as hell doesn’t seem that way.  Since we’re on the topic anyway, how big is Immortal anyway?  I turn on TNA the other night and I’m watching like 12 guys walk to the ring.  Its the nWo all over again, except less captivating and more snooze inducing.

I can’t speak for you, but when I tune into a wrestling show I want to see, well, wrestling.  I can deal with little bits of off subject material, and if a promo is entertaining enough I certainly can enjoy it, but I don’t want to see things which advance absolutely nothing.  Remember when WCW had KISS performing?  That is what I thought of when I saw Tara up there.  Did you really have to set this up as the only way for Mickie James to jump her?  I’m waiting for the days when TNA begins to have women jumping one another in the shower and then they can point to the jump in ratings and “prove” that its good for the company.  There is so much talent here, there are so many performers in TNA that I’d pay good money to watch wrestle but I don’t spend my money on it because I never know if I am going to see them wrestling or playing around in these ridiculous moments.  .

It is frustrating.  It is frustrating because I truly used to like what I saw on TNA.  Thursday nights used to be the nights I looked forward to watching talented performers in exciting matches.  Now it has become, frankly, somewhat of a joke.  It has become a game of “what dumb thing will I see this week?”  Don’t get me wrong, folks.  WWE does plenty of stupid things that make me want to turn the channel, but maybe I am harder on TNA because I expect better from TNA.  TNA came out saying they were going to be everything that WWE was not.  Now that is becoming true.  They are not successful.  They are not entertaining.  They are not pushing women.  They are not making new stars.  I don’t think this is what they meant but unfortunately that is what it is becoming.  Every day there are people messaging Dixie Carter on twitter and begging her for a change.  I think at this point all we can do is hope that when Bischoff and Hogan’s contracts run out, they won’t renew them.  That, however, may be too much to hope for.  At the end of the day, at the end of the show, I ask you what I ask myself every week; Why am I watching this?