One Of WWE’s Lead RAW Writers Reportedly Fired

One of WWE’s lead writers for Raw got fired last week.

According to a report today by Fightful, Ryan Callahan was let go by WWE last Thursday after working for the company since December 2016.

WWE’s creative team is split into a “road” and “home” team, with the “home” team working at company headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut and the “road” team traveling to television events. Callahan was on the “home” team.

According to Fightful, Callahan was not fired for storylines or ratings but because he butted heads with Senior Vice President of Creative, Dave Kapoor (Kapoor portrayed Ranjin Singh on WWE television). Kapoor, who oversees the creative team, reportedly felt that Callahan “took creative changes a little too personally and was difficult to work with.” Kapoor felt that Callahan did not set a good example for the other writers.

Prior to joining WWE, Callahan worked on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Monster In-Laws, and a number of other television shows, according to IMDB.