Original IC Title Plan For No Mercy, Young Bucks Member Says Most Wrestlers Are Marks For WWE

– The original plan was for The Miz to defend the IC Title against Jason Jordan at the No Mercy PPV, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com. The status of the match is up in the air since WWE has done nothing on television to build it up and there is only one week left until the show. It’s still possible that WWE will book the match at the last minute.

– In an interview with CBSLocal.com, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks talked about how most wrestlers are marks for WWE:

“In my opinion, most of the boys don’t think ahead. They have tunnel vision. My opinion is that 99 percent of the boys just go, ‘okay, okay, whatever it takes to get to Vince [McMahon] to work for WWE. I don’t care what I have to do to get there, I don’t care if they change my name or own my name, I’ll sign anything over. I’ll even sign for the lowest figure as long as I have WWE’s logo on my check.’ I think the boys are all marks for the Fed. That’s a problem, because when more and more marks sign with them for low wages then WWE knows they can sign anybody and give them anything. That makes it tougher for guys that want to negotiate with other companies.”