Original Plan For Asuka, Women’s Championship Titles Merging?

– Mandy Rose was originally scheduled to win the number one contender’s match on Smackdown and face Asuka for the SD women’s title at Wrestlemania 35, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com. The belief is that Asuka would have retained her title in that scenario. However, WWE decided to cut back on the Wrestlemania card and make the RAW women’s match stronger at the same time.

– Regarding the RAW women’s title match, Dave Meltzer noted that the current plan is for the match to set up a clear direction for next year’s Wrestlemania but Vince McMahon could easily change his mind between now and then. The plan is reportedly to not merge the titles long-time although it’s rumored that the match could be a “winner take all” scenario. Regarding a possible title unification, Meltzer said “we’re told that is very unlikely as they do want each brand to have a separate champion.”