Paige Working On Reality TV Project With Boyfriend

As seen in the video above, WWE Backstage analyst Paige recently appeared on the “Chasing Glory” podcast with Lilian Garcia.

Paige revealed that she and her singer boyfriend Ronnie Radke are working on their own reality TV show.

“I think me and Ronnie having a reality show together…I’ve been throwing bits and pieces here and all these producers are hitting me up about it,” Paige said. (H/T to Fightful) “I’ve been trying to focus on trying to get mine and Ronnie’s brand out there a little bit more and then people can see more inside my life and remember me for something different. I just need to get my name back out there. I feel like I’ve gone quiet for a little bit now.”

Paige later revealed that she and Ronnie have filmed a pilot episode for the project. She also talked about her status with WWE’s Total Divas, and being off the show.

“I wasn’t wrestling anymore, so I understood their point,” she said. “They were like, ‘We want you to be somewhat part of the show, but not a main cast member because you’re not wrestling. It’s about female wrestlers.’ I was like, ‘I totally get that, but I would rather not be part of the show at all unless it’s something important.’ I’m kind of happy that I took a step back from that. I feel like with ‘Total Divas’ there’s a lot of memories that I want to forget. I’ve had ex-boyfriends on there and I was a party animal. I want to have a new show where they can see the new me, the more adult me, and (how) focused and sober I am. I want to build something completely new, a fresh start kind of thing,” she stated.