Paul Heyman Addresses Brock Lesnar’s Status With WWE

It was previously reported that Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent after his WWE contract expired and he was not able to come to terms with the company on a new deal.

In an interview with ESPN, Paul Heyman commented on Lesnar’s status with WWE:

“It depends on if there’s a worthy challenger and enough box office appeal. Right now, he’s very happy being a farmer and a magnificent father to his children. However, if there’s something that WWE can offer that intrigues, motivates, or inspires Lesnar, and if the money is right and the business is solid, I’m sure he would be willing to do it.”

“At this moment, it [a comeback] hasn’t happened because it [a worthy offer] isn’t there. Again, the world changes with the snap of a finger. It could be tomorrow when Lesnar says, ‘Oh, that intrigues me.’ Again, its not just a sound byte, but Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.”

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