Paul Roma’s Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling Promotion Sent Cease & Desist By City

Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling, which is run by former WWF and WCW star Paul Roma and longtime WWF enhancement talent Mario Mancini, received a cease and desist letter, dated 8/28, ordering them to shut down as their wrestling school as been deemed as being in violation with a local zoning law that lists “wrestling studios” under adult entertainment aka pornography.

The letter states the town was made aware that wrestling events were being held in the space on 8/27 and such events violate the city’s rules on “adult oriented businesses and entertainment establishments.” The school has been ordered to halt all wrestling activity immediately under threat of fines and potential criminal charges if they resume training or presenting events. The school has 30 days to appeal the decision and if they choose not to do so, that will be considered an admission that they are liable for violating the zoning law and could be subject to “an assessment or judgment” by East Haven. The letter does not state who brought the complaint against PAPW.

The irony here is that Parade Alley Pro Wrestling, as a promotion, bills itself as family friendly and has promoted a number of events over the last five years in the Nutmeg State to raise money for different charities.

PAPW took to social media this morning to bring awareness to the situation and ask fans to support them as they attempt to battle the cease and desist: