Pete Dunne On His Relationship With Triple H, Who Is The Greatest Wrestler In Present Day

WWE NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne recently sat down with Metro Sport to talk about a wide range of topics including his relationship with Triple H, who he thinks is the greatest wrestler in the present day, and much more. Here are the highlights:

Who he thinks is the greatest wrestler in the present day:

“On our brand, my standard is always Tyler. It might be obvious, but the performances he put in were unreal in Liverpool recently and he was a step above everyone else. It’s something for everyone else to chase and that’s a good thing. In the whole of WWE, it’s got to be AJ Styles. He’s absolutely been killing it for so many years, and now he’s in a top spot and rightfully so. I’d love to get in the ring with him some day.”

His relationship with Triple H:

“He is brilliant to work with, he is 1000% invested in all of this, it’s all his brainchild. The likes of him, Shawn Michaels, William Regal and Robbie Brookside have been a huge part of my career and of both NXT brands. From storytelling to technical wrestling to sheer entertainment, they really are the ones I enjoy watching the most. I want TakeOver Blackpool to be something they can be proud of too.”