Photo: Andrade El Idolo Gets In Incredible Shape During His Time Away From The Ring

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Several AEW stars are now on the sidelines due to injuries, but at least one of them appears to be ready to return to the ring.

Andrade El Idolo, who has been out for months with a pectoral injury, shared a photo of himself online, and he looks extremely shredded, as seen below.

Ric Flair revealed on his podcast in March that Andrade was close to being ready to return after undergoing surgery for a torn pec in November.

However, Andrade may not return to AEW as he recently informed Lucha Libre Online that his contract is about to expire. Andrade said the following:

“I’m with AEW, to make it clear. Soon my contract will expire. I had a tear in my chest and I got surgery in November. I was out for 4 months but soon I’ll be back. I was at the Hall of Fame accompanying my wife and to be next to a great friend Rey Mysterio…He’s the symbol for all the Latinos, Rey Mysterio.”