Photo: News On The Fiend’s Updated Look

The Fiend recently returned to WWE TV to join Alexa Bliss in continuing the feud against Randy Orton, debuting a new look. The charred new look plays off how Orton set fire to The Fiend at WWE TLC back in December. In an update, it looks like The Fiend will be wearing a long black cover or rag over his head, presumably to hide his burns and scars from TLC. A screenshot from the latest WWE SuperCard game update shows The Fiend wearing the new garb, as seen below.

This new item is likely something The Fiend will wear on the way to the ring for his entrance. We have not seen a proper Fiend ring entrance since he returned, but it’s still possible that he wears the garb during a match. It’s also possible that this is something WWE has nixed but it still made it into the game. The Fiend’s new official render does not include the garb. You can also see that render below, along with the screenshot.

The Fiend vs. Orton is scheduled to take place during Night Two of WrestleMania 37 on Sunday night at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Here are the related images below-