Photos: Buff Bagwell Transforms with New Look

It appears that Buff Bagwell’s life is going lot better for him these days.

In recent pictures, the former WCW star is wearing a different hairstyle and work attire, and he is virtually unrecognizable. Diamond Dallas Page has been working with Bagwell this year as he attempts to make things right following years of legal troubles and substance misuse concerns.

Whatever it is, he seems much happy and healthier than he has in years in the photographs below, which appear to be for a new project.

In addition to the work he is doing with DDP, Bagwell posted a video on Twitter in which he stated that he is making every effort to look after the fans who did not receive autographed memorabilia from him due to problems with his old management. You can watch his video update below:

Below are photos of Bagwell’s new look: