Photos Of CM Punk and AJ Lee Hanging Out

Photos Of CM Punk and WWE Diva AJ Lee Hanging Out:

  • ShadowBroker

    A good chunk of these were taken during the Nerdist Bowling Challenge. Others are because they were booked to signings together, as was Kofi and Fandango.
    You can stop posting these at this point. Nobody really cares if they are together (which is good – people should stop caring who is dating who) :)

    • Gavin Lopez

      Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, my friend… They’re very obviously and very openly dating now. And when WWE is basing entire shows around whose dating whom, why shouldn’t we care who the top Diva is dating?

      • ShadowBroker

        Yep. I just meant now we know most of those odd ones were from that Nerdist shoot which also explains Fandango and Kofi in some :)… and come on I haven’t heard someone say that Nile thing in sometime :)
        But why should we care so much – esp if they aren’t on that show (maybe next season, who knows)? Can’t these people have personal lives? Rhetorical question I know given our society today, but still lol.

  • Hucklemaryy

    Really?! Most of these are from the tribute to the troops signing…

  • Laura Crites

    I do not care who is dating who that is their business I just want CM Punk back WWE is nothing without him and I could care less about anyone who does not believe it BITW since day one for life lol