Photos: Renee Young Gets A New Hair Cut

Renee Young took to Instagram this week and posted photos of her new hair cut, seen in the post below.

Renee joked about her husband Jon Moxley roasting her if he caught the selfie session: “Trying to take a suitable picture of my new haircut before Jon catches me and starts roasting me.”

She clarified the caption in the comments section: “* i didn’t mean he was roasting the haircut. The haircut is great. I meant roasting me for taking 103839292 selfies trying to get it right! [laughing emoji]”

Renee is expected to return to WWE Performance Center TV tapings soon after recovering from the CoronaVirus a few weeks back. She earlier tested positive for CoronaVirus in June. She appeared on The Extreme Rules Pre-show this past Sunday via video phone call from her home.

Here are the photos-