Possible Changes To WWE SmackDown, Jeff Hardy Wants His Old Theme Song

– A source within WWE has indicated that Fox wants to make some changes to Smackdown Live when the show debuts on the station in the fall, according to Rajah.com. One of those changes is apparently going from a three-person commentary team to a two-person team.

In addition to that, “the source adds that FOX is also looking for WWE to produce a more edgier product and that they aren’t looking to give into the PC culture that dominates current WWE programming.”

– During a recent interview with thefivecount.com, Jeff Hardy commented on how he wanted to use his old theme song No More Words for his latest WWE run:

“It’s always good to reunite with Matt but my biggest… I rarely regret… if I could change anything, I would’ve had my original theme song from 08’, 09’ — No More Words where that Hardy Boyz music would be way more special.” Jeff said while guest appearing on ‘The Five Count’. “For example, this past week on SmackDown, it would’ve been so cool but, it is how it is so, it’s always cool to reunite with Matt and it’s cool that we can go our separate ways and be successful.”