Possible Injury During WWE NXT Event At Download Festival

Mark Andrews has apparently suffered an injury at Sunday’s NXT event which took place as part of the Download Festival in the UK. Andrews was part of the eight-man tag team main event and was reportedly taken out in an ambulance following a spot with one of the Authors of Pain members. The spot was described as Andrews taking a “horrendous clothesline” according to a fan in attendance. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Here is what @Alan4L wrote about the incident:

“Shit seems Andrews legit just got hurt . EMTs are out. People seem worried. Drake Younger is stepping up huge here taking care of things. Andrews still being treated at ringside on a stretcher. They’ve yet to move him. I’m out standing by the ambulance with Andrews in it. Regal seems very concerned. Trent and Brookside the same. Mark’s eyes were open. He got hit by one of AOP and went down holding his neck. Rolled to the floor right after. People please don’t be blaming AOP. Accidents happen. And you never really know how. About to lose wifi so won’t have anymore updates. Fingers crossed its just a stinger or something.”