Possible Sign The Revival Are Leaving WWE, R-Truth Speaks Out

– On January 8th, Daniel Wheeler (Dash Wilder) and David Harwood (Scott Dawson) filed a trademark for the term “Shatter Machine” for wrestling and merchandise purposes.

The trademark filing could be a sign that The Revival could be making plans for a post-WWE career. The attorney that made the filing, Michael Dockins, has filed several trademarks for AEW talents including Cody Rhodes.

The Revival reportedly remain under contract through the spring.

– R-Truth discussed the 24/7 Title during an interview with Sam Roberts:

“This title ain’t nothing but what you make it” Truth began. “Me and my colleagues have made the best of it. We took…i guess ‘shiznit’ and made lemonade out of it.”

“The fans didn’t want to give it a chance,” R-Truth continued. “They didn’t want to give it a chance at all man. ‘AH MAN LOOK HOW UGLY THAT BELT IS,’ [they said]. When Mick Foley pulled it out of the bag man they said it looked so ugly…if it was a baby they’d put it in the incubator without a window.”