Pro Wrestling At The Pit Results 10-23-2010

Hearts on Fire, Chapter-3
Pro Wrestling at The Pit!

Southern California’s newest indy group (and school) “The Pit” has been
generating some buzz around the SoCal scene for its emphasis on characters,
story, drama, comedy and potential for outrageousness.

Having just finished their trilogy of shows dubbed “Hearts on Fire” it seems
as if the storylines are shifting towards the real life drama between
company founder GQ Money, and rival fed/school, Kaos’ Santino Brothers
Academy. Kaos and GQ were at one time were best friends, but due to a real
life fallout in Nashville, TN while trying to get in TNA back in 2003, the
two have had nothing but heat for each other.

With two contrasting styles of teaching, the former dynamic duo thought it
would be wise to put personal issues aside, and let members of their schools
compete against each other in an exhibition of sorts. When The Pit’s Mario
Banks defeated The Santino’s Rico Dynamite at Hearts on Fire Chapter-2, Kaos
wasn’t pleased.

During Chapter-3, Kaos sent a message to Mario Banks, GQ Money and the
entire Pit, that the Santinos were there to prove they are the dominant
school and training ground in SoCal.

The following video shows the tale, and tells the story of what went down
just last week, including the Championship TLC match with Brawlin Bo Cooper
and The Hobo, not to mention the Inter-Gender match-up between diva delish
Lizzy Valentine and The Pit’s rising star Hanes Classic.


Lizzy Valentine over Hanes Classic with a rollup and fast count by Luma
Nation referee Danny Ramirez. Originally Hanes Classic scored the 3-count
and thought he had won, until Ramirez informed referee Nick Berger that
Hanes Classic was pulling the panties.

Pittendales (Gyrating Jarek Matthews and Buff Biggie Biggz w/ DJ OMG)
defeated Team DisFunction (Spectre and JJ “Cool” Steele) after a top rope
splash by Gyrating Jarek.

JJ “Cool” Steele won an over the top rope battle royal.
Participants included, The Butcher, Axe hammer, Mr. Impact, Hell Kid, El
Carnicero, “Untouchable” Ruben Iglesias, Rocky Horror, Donny Shallow, Rico
Dynamite, Ray Rosas, Pinky, Lucha Machine, Gyrating Jarek, Buff Biggie,

* El Carnicero was “slaughtered” with a POWER SAW after he was eliminated.

Kaos defeated Mario Banks with a gonzo bomb.

Brawlin Bo Cooper defended his Headblade Sponsored, Fur lined, Pit Pro
Championship by sending The Hobo crashing through a table, and climbing a
ladder grabbing the Championship that was hanging above.