Punk Says He Doesn’t Care If He Gets Fired, New WWE Alumni

— WWE Champion CM Punk spoke directly to the WWE Universe at SummerSlam Axxess Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, California as he answered questions from fans during a promo. Todd Grisham also asked him the following question: “How can you speak your mind the way you do and still have a job at WWE?”

Punk replied, “That answer is very simple. I really don’t care if I get fired.” He continued, “If (WWE) decide to bench me and sit me at home, or fire me or suspend me, I really don’t care. Maybe that’s a horrible attitude to have in some peoples’ minds, but that’s the honest to God’s truth. That’s why I can get away with doing and saying what I want.”

To see the video, Alumni section

— Chris Masters, David Hart Smith, Joey Mercury, Melina and Vladimir Kozlov have been added to WWE.com’s Alumni section. Mercury remains under contract to WWE after disappearing from television last summer as he works as trainer in Florida Championship Wrestling.

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