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PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment has gone down as one of the most eventful and emotional regional professional wrestling events in recent memory anywhere! The official DVD of the live event has been a hot seller, and the ramifications of this day are still felt throughout PWO to this day. To celebrate this monumental event, over the next several weeks we will be counting down the Top 5 PWO Wrestlelution 3 “Defining Moments”! Some of the best moments, the biggest stars, and the memories you’ll never forget!

For nearly an entire year, PWO Tag Champions Sex Appeal have been dominant. Utilizing what they consider to be superior athleticism, appearance, and intellect, yet is more accurately a case of strength-in-numbers, the trio of Bobby Beverly, “True Talent” Bobby “The Body” Shields, and “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino have reigned atop tag team wrestling.

Their top adversaries have been the cerebral palsy-afflicted “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron and his homeless counterpart Hobo Joe, together known as “The Homeless Handicapped Connection”. After repeatedly being targets of violent Sex Appeal attacks, as a way for Sex Appeal to show that Iron & Hobo are inferior, beneath them, and do not belong on the same television show as Sex Appeal, Iron & Hobo banded together in an attempt to prove that they were just as good as Sex Appeal, if not better, regardless of being different or having physical limitations.

Sex Appeal’s repeated tricks led to a PWO Tag Team Title match at PWO’s biggest event, PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment. The HHC challenged Sex Appeal in a No Disqualification match. Sex Appeal thought they had the issue well in-hand, as Shields & Beverly had Valentino waiting in the wings to help them finish the job once and for all. However, The Homeless Handicapped Connection had a third member themselves, if for one night only, as wrestling’s only one-legged wrestler, the “Tenacious” Zach Gowen evened the odds and provided everyone with a feel-good moment and taste of just desserts that won’t soon be forgotten!

Watch the “Tenacious” Zach Gowen finally give the Homeless Handicapped Connection a fair shot at equality and gold right here –

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