R-Truth Releases New Music Video, WWE 24 Sneak Peek With R-Truth

R-Truth is now putting more focus into his rap career as he has released a music video for a new single titled ‘Set it Off.’ The music video can be seen here:

Furthermore Truth will discuss his rap career and his love for the music during his WWE 24 episode that premieres at 8PM Eastern time on February 27th on the WWE Network, right after Super Showdown ends. WWE, who is also putting effort into helping R-Truth promote his music for the first time, released a WWE 24 preview clip on Truth, which can be seen here:

R-Truth did an interview with HipHopDX.com today and had the following to say on his music:

“I’m setting off the new decade with my new single ‘Set It Off,’” Killings told HipHopDX. “The word itself is powerful, it’s leading, it’s the start, it’s like the releasing or the spark that sets that flame of fire … like I’m reintroducing myself.”

“If you don’t know me or haven’t heard of me throughout my career, guarantee someone you know has and DOES know me, and I’m bout to SET IT OFF. Your favorite wrestler is your favorite rapper!”