Real-Life Situation With Fan Inspired the Creation of a New WWE NXT Character

(Image Credit: WWE)

Former 24/7 Champion Reggie was repackaged as the masked character SCRYPTS, as seen on the November 22nd, 2022 episode of WWE NXT. Prior to his debut, cryptic videos aired, one of which featured a mysterious voice saying, “soon I’ll be in NXT to watch the whole thing fall.”

Dave Meltzer stated the following about the gimmick on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Okay, he was playing the guy — okay, so you remember the real stalker who was defecating on the premises and doing all that crazy stuff and he was arrested multiple times? That was the gimmick that inspired — that idiot inspired a gimmick that’s out there doing flips.”

Armando Alejandro Montalvo was a fan who frequently appeared at the WWE Performance Center and was arrested as a result of his alleged behavior. A&E released a video about the situation: