Reason For WWE RAW Reunion, News On The Extreme Rules Card

Dave Meltzer of discussed the WWE RAW Reunion special on July 22nd and how it’s being done to get television viewership up:

“USA is very disappointed with the numbers. They made a bunch of suggestions and one of them was the RAW Reunion show.”

Meltzer also commented on Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens and Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura being announced for Extreme Rules at the last minute:

“You know the story of those matches? Because remember when I said during the week that no new matches would be added? So what happened was — now I know what to ask — I asked ‘are there any new matches that are going to be added for Sunday?’ The answer was ‘we’re gonna make the decision on Wednesday night.’”

“So Thursday I asked if there are any new matches to be added and they said: ‘No.’ So what happened was these two matches, they had a twelve match lineup already and hadn’t announced them. So these two matches were already on the books, I just didn’t know them. So it wasn’t like they were added on Wednesday. Nothing was added on Wednesday. Dolph Ziggler and Owens and Nakamura vs Balor were programmed for the show for weeks they just never got around to announcing them so that’s the story on the whole thing.”