Reason Why WWE Is Calling John Cena A ‘Free Agent’

We’ve known for a while John Cena would return to WWE for the first time since WrestleMania 33 on the July 4 episode of SmackDown LIVE. However, on last night’s episode of Raw, the latest promo shown regarding Cena’s return referred to him as a “free agent.”

Shortly before Raw, reported that there was “creative pitch” for Cena to be a “free agent” who could appear on both Raw and SmackDown LIVE.

While he remains committed to the company, it’s no secret Cena has been far from a full-time wrestler for a while now. With that likely to continue to be the case, and with there said to be internal concern about dropping TV ratings, it makes sense for WWE to use him wherever they can, for however long they can.

It appears that Cena’s status in WWE going forward will be similar to that of The Undertaker, who is listed on as a current WWE Superstar but is not officially aligned to Raw or SmackDown LIVE. As of now though, Cena is still listed as a SmackDown LIVE Superstar on