Reby Hardy Posts Meme For Matt Hardy/WWE Issues

Reby Hardy took to Twitter today and made a tweet that has pro wrestling fans talking on the social media platform.

Reby took a photo of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, ripping up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, which has been a hot topic in the news today, and turned that into a meme to get her point across about issues between WWE and husband Matt Hardy. Reby labeled Pelosi as “Vince McMahon” and labeled the paper as “Matt Hardy’s ideas.”

She captioned the photo and wrote, “It’s a beautiful day on the Hardy Compound, guys”

Reby responded to another fan who called her original post “satire done right” and commented on how people will make the post “blow up” without appreciating the context.

She responded, “Nobody ever appreciates context anymore *womp womp*”

As we’ve noted, creative issues have been the “major hurdle” between Matt and WWE officials during recent contract negotiations. Matt returned to WWE action on RAW last month and has lost every match. He’s teased a WWE departure in recent tweets and YouTube videos, but there’s been no update on how those contract talks are going. Matt’s contract reportedly expires on March 1.

You can see Reby’s related tweets below: