Reby Hardy Rants About Ashley Massaro Situation

Reby Hardy issued a statement regarding the negative reaction to her social media activity following the death of Ashley Massaro:

Fake social *oUtrAgE* WILL??NOT?? make me care about something I DO NOT CARE ABOUT. I ain’t do shit wrong. DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH. I have plenty of them on my own, that’s why yall “hate” me, remember ??

The same ppl posting “gEt HeLp” wit ur lil suicide hotlines, preaching “stop the bullying” are the ones sending me death threats to me & MY CHILDREN. For what ? What I do ? POINT TO IT. SHOW ME WHERE. All bc you psychos want to reach for something THAT ISNT THERE ? FOH cono

I had 100s of tweets waiting for me asking for “my thoughts” before I had even logged onto twitter for the night. TF ? I wouldn’t touch that shit w a 10’ pole WHY WOULD I ??? Yall stupid. I ain’t say shit until I was attacked by thousands of people for literally NO REASON.

Everybody out here saying “let it go”, FIRST OF ALL, mind ya business. You’re sitting at home behind a computer & not the one having to now deal with the police over death threats. LEAVE ME TF ALONE. There is plenty in this world to be ACTUALLY “outraged” about. This ain’t it.

Point blank. Hate me all you want. It’s adorable. I honestly love it. But – do not send me death threats – DO NOT put words in my mouth