Reby Hardy Shoots Hard On Jeff Jarrett

Reby Hardy responded to the idea that if it wasn’t for her recent trash talking, the Hardys/Anthem legal battle over the ‘Broken’ gimmick would’ve been resolved by now. Here is what she wrote on Twitter in a lengthy statement:

“If they were going to, they would have LONG BEFORE I ever said anything again. My recent speaking out was after the last straw for us… after weeks of staying quiet, as per our verbal agreement that was made once Billy & our lawyers reached out to them on our behalf… Apparently they couldn’t hold up their end of it, with Jeff, Ed & Dutch continuing to give interviews & lie to anyone would who listen… For what ? EGO; that’s what this is all about. TNA gains NOTHING they didn’t already have by putting us through this mess… attempting to prevent us from making money ? Trying to shut down an entire ROH PPV ? Yeah, we haven’t forgotten about that… but they want you to, as they gloat of ‘building bridges’ to detract from the fact that they can no longer fund their own programming… Lets keep it real; Jeff Jarrett burns bridges like he burns through Kurt Angle’s alimony money. They were never going to cooperate… regardless of how many chances we gave them to do things amicably/the right way. And there were MANY… Jarrett himself said they were going to ‘drag it out as long as possible’ because ‘they’ll get tired of spending money’… Easy for a failing company & someone whose lifestyle is supported by his wife’s ex husband to say. You weak AF, little man… The ONLY thing we’re tired of are the blatant lies & we will NEVER back down. Even tho we’ve ALREADY WON. #NoCredEd #f***ThatOwl”