Reby Hardy Vents About Interviewer At WWE Hall Of Fame Red Carpet

Reby Hardy posted the following on Twitter:

“Something super BLEGHHH happened a few weeks ago & I wasn’t gonna say anything about it…but I’m st. It happened on the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet as me & @MATTHARDYBRAND were being interviewed, assembly line style. This is what we looked like, btw. For context. It’s important. (see below). After a few interviews about our kids, home arcade, WWE2K, Hall of Fame inductees, etc. we came to our last interview of the red carpet. Its been a breeze up until now, how hard could these questions get, right? This interviewer compliments(?) my hair by saying it was *different* or iNtErEsTiNg or some other shady observation. Whatever, it’s not for everyone.

AND THEN PROCEEDS TO TURN TO MY HUSBAND & ASKS IF HE’S ATTRACTED TO ME BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE HIS BROTHER I’m trying to stay professional, but I’m not good at hiding my feelings in my facial expressions so there’s a lot of this. So now I have no choice but to smile & nod through an interview with the man who just inquired if my husband was only sexuallly attracted to me because (presumably ?!) my hair reminded him of his REAL LIFE BLOOD BROTHER from like 10 years ago. And that, my friends, was my Wrestlemania moment & the reason why I’ll never wear green & purple hair ever again.”