Recent WWE Live Event Draws Big Business For The Company

(Photo Credit: @K3nnyWWE)

WWE’s overall business is thriving right now for a variety of reasons, including live event touring.

The company is making more money than ever before thanks to guaranteed large-scale media rights deals with NBCU and FOX for Raw, NXT, and SmackDown, streaming rights from Peacock for PLEs and libraries, and license fees. This has been building for the past year and a half, coincidentally around the time Triple H took over the book in late summer 2022.

WWE’s most recent trip to the United Kingdom was a huge success for the company, which hosts two live event tours each year, the next of which will take place later this year.

Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics tweeted that WWE’s house show last month at the O2 Arena in London grossed $1 million for the promotion, with over 16,000 fans in attendance.