Rejected Dean Ambrose Promo Used On WWE RAW?

There has been internet speculation that Elias’ promo about Los Angeles from this week’s RAW was originally the promo that Vince McMahon wanted Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley to cut. Here is what Dave Meltzer of noted about the promo:

“[Moxley] explained this whole thing that Vince wanted and he didn’t wanna do it and so Elias did it and it’s just like after a lot of people heard that podcast for them to go in there and have Elias do it. Is it like that’s almost kinda weird to me.”

“But it’s like ‘we liked it and we haven’t been in Los Angeles and now we’re in Los Angeles so goddamnit, we’re gonna have someone do this interview so we’ll have Elias do it and he did it.”