Renee Young’s Nicki Minaj Challenge Video, Wrestling Fans On Trump’s CNN – WWE Tweet, WWE Stock

– Jesse Watters brought his Watter’s World segment to Friday’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden to interview WWE fans on President Donald Trump’s recent CNN – WWE video. It appears most fans interviewed enjoyed the video. Above is video from the segment.

– WWE stock was up 0.15% today, closing at $20.59 per share. Today’s high was $20.82 and the low was $20.44.

– Rapper Nicki Minaj recently inspired a new social media challenge after stunting for her fans on Instagram, bragging about her jet-setting lifestyle. She posted a video last month and made the comments, “This is how bad bitches leave London and go to Prague. Some of you bitches can’t even spell Prague.”

As seen below, Renee Young took part in the Nicki Minaj Challenge while backstage this afternoon. The Bella Twins’ Twitter account posted this video: