Report: Jon Moxley Name Drop On WWE SmackDown Was Scripted

WWE reportedly planned the Jon Moxley mention during the Seth Rollins’ promo on last Friday’s SmackDown on FOX. As noted, Friday’s SmackDown featured Rollins delivering a promo to build to his Royal Rumble match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rollins called out Reigns for sending SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos to RAW to attack him earlier this week, stating how Reigns always needs others to do his “dirty work for him.”

“Since we’re out here for a celebration [to celebrate Reigns’ record Universal Title reign], we should celebrate The Usos, who, in truth are the cornerstones of your Bloodline,” Rollins told Reigns. “They’re the ones who make everything you do possible. They’re the ones who hold you up. Just like Mox and I held you up during The Shield, The Usos are your pedestal.”

Rollins then began The Usos’ chant to the dismay of Reigns. In his response, Reigns referenced John Cena’s promo from last year where “Dean Ambrose” was name-dropped.

“Oh little brother, did John Cena write that promo for you?,” he said.

In an update, the line where Rollins name-dropped the AEW star was 100% scripted ahead of time, according to RingsideNews. The Moxley mention was reportedly approved ahead of time. This was not a case of Rollins name-dropping the former Dean Ambrose on his own.

WWE has previously edited Ambrose out of old footage of The Shield, but he was not edited out of a recent Royal Rumble video package which featured a look at the history between Rollins and Reigns.

Despite the planned name-drop, Moxley will not be at Saturday’s WWE Royal Rumble event. There had been some speculation on “The Forbidden Door” opening from AEW to WWE at The Rumble, but it’s been reported that there will be no AEW involvement.