Report On Riley’s WWE Status, WWE Cleverly Edits SmackDown

— WWE cleverly edited the episode of SmackDown held in Manchester, England so that it would appear that Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez was on hand for the event when he actually wasn’t—due to a cost-cutting measure. A clip of Rodriguez introducing Del Rio was played to the live audience while clips from other television events were shown during the broadcast.

— People within WWE thought the timing of Alex Riley’s arrest last week for Driving under the influence didn’t do him as favors, but he survived the company’s latest round of talent cuts in spite of many speculating that he would be fired.

Shawn Michaels and his family were involved in a car accident the night after termination papers had been finalized, while Riley’s arrest on a DUI charge took place the day before. Many feel Riley is lucky Michaels nor his family were hurt, because if they were, it is very likely that he would have been let go.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter