Report On Why Some People In WWE Haven’t Gotten The Covid-19 Vaccine

WWE has been making a push for talent to get the Covid-19 but there are reportedly some that have been resistant. Dave Meltzer of addressed the matter:

“Most people are [vaccinated] but there are people both in NXT and on the main roster who have not been vaccinated. The company wants everyone to but some of them don’t want to and that’s that. So it is not everyone and I was told from NXT that there are guys who believe that the company can’t force them to do it and they are not gonna get forced. They’re the minority but in fact, there are people who are not vaccinated in NXT but most of the people are.”

Paul Davis of also noted the following regarding the matter:

“I have heard from a couple of people in the company who say that they have not been vaccinated but they intend to do so by July. The feeling among the people I spoke with is that they wanted to take a ‘wait and see’ approach to see how people’s bodies react to the vaccines before taking it themselves. Thus far, we’ve heard nothing about bad reactions and everyone in WWE who has been vaccinated is said to be doing fine.”

Very few WWE stars have publicly spoken out against getting a Covid-19 vaccine with Nia Jax being the most noteworthy critic back in November of 2020: