Report: WWE Employees Feel Aleister Black Should Be Re-Hired

Aleister Black (AKA Tommy End) was released from WWE back on June 2 along with several other WWE Superstars, as a part of budget cuts. PWInsider now reports that in certain corners of the company there has been talk that Black was cut prematurely, and a push for WWE officials to bring him back.

As of the shock of the recent WWE releases starts to wear off, there’s a feeling that out of everyone released on June 2, Black was “cut too soon” and was more the victim of broken promises and the start-stop creative process, more than anything he did on his own.

It remains to be seen if WWE will bring Black back. He is reportedly under a 90-day non-compete clause with WWE, which would expire on Tuesday 8/31. His first post-WWE booking at The Big Event Convention was announced on Tuesday.

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