Report: WWE Planning Feud Between Brock Lesnar And Cody Rhodes

WWE fans were shocked when Brock Lesnar turned on Cody Rhodes a the conclusion of Monday Night RAW this past week. Fans were already recovering from the events of WrestleMania 39, when the RAW After Mania hit them with an even bigger swerve.

Many began to speculate that the decision to book Cody Rhodes into a feud with Lesnar directly coincided with the news of WWE’s sale and merger with Endeavor. However, a new report has noted that the WWE had been planning for Lesnar and Rhodes feud for some time now.

According to a report by Fightful Select, WWE has had The Beast vs. The American Nightmare in the works for well over a month. While the outlet had previously noted that multiple plans had changed in the lead-up to the RAW After Mania, the decision to ignite a feud between the two superstars was NOT one of the changes. In fact, sources close to Fightful noted that Lesnar had been made well aware of his post-Mania plans “nearly a month ahead of time”.

Fightful did mention that it could not confirm if the “entirety” of WWE Creative was aware of the feud and the creative direction that would be taking place on Monday Night RAW. However, it did note that all of those “in the know” knew about the plans. Due to the timing of the creative plans, it may not be entirely fair for WWE fans to put as much blame on Vince McMahon, the newly named Executive Chairman of the newly formed company, for this decision.

With the RAW After Mania in the rearview mirror, the WWE Universe will have to wait and see how Cody Rhodes will react to the former Universal Champion betraying him ahead of their scheduled tag team bout. In addition, fans are now left wondering who will be the next man to challenge Roman Reigns. With WWE heading back to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the first time in nearly 20 years, one would expect the Tribal Chief to be involved in some match. Truly, the only question that remains is simple, who’s left?

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