Report: WWE Wants To Release More Talents and Cut Back On Contracts

WWE recently parted ways with a number of Superstars, who were told that they were being released as a part of budget cuts. Now word via Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast is that there will be more budget cut releases made as the company looks to cut back on contracts.

It was reported earlier this week that there is a push among some in WWE who think Aleister Black should be brought back. Zarian reported on Mat Men that there are a lot of people within WWE who believe the company never really intends on fully releasing some wrestlers, and that some of the cuts are just a contract move so that they can re-negotiate the deals.

This way of doing business is not official, but it is heavily speculated on within WWE, and people are said to be very unhappy with the possibility of that happening, due to the fact that WWE could terminate contracts in the middle of a wrestler’s deal, in order to re-negotiate, just to give that talent less money. It was noted that this isn’t something WWE does often, and this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the practice, but if true it would be a new method of doing business for the company.

It was also said that WWE management does want to cut back on contracts and because of that, more releases are coming. There is no word on exactly when the next round of cuts will be made, or who is being released, but it was noted that this last round on June 2 was not the final list of cuts.