Review of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Just finished reading the first issue of the new comic book series “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia” by Suspicious Behavior Productions. The comic features fantastic artwork by Dan “the Body” Schkade. I also enjoyed the writing by Ed “the Carnage Artist” Kuehnel & “Masculine” Matt Entin.

The artwork reminds me a bit of the style from the video game GTA, which is very cool and familiar. The story is enthralling. A wrestler declares himself the galactic wrestling champ, and an alien wrestling champion in outer space takes offense to it.

I really liked some of the inside jokes and lines too, such as one of the commentators pulling from Gorilla Monsoon with a “would you stop?!” The essence of the promoter is picture perfect, he only sees ratings and profits. Overall, “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia” is a delight!

“Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia” is available on Amazon Kindle and paperback, iBooks, Comixology and ComixCentral!