Rey Mysterio Addresses His WWE Career and Future

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Rey Mysterio addressed his career and in-ring future:

“I’ve been able to not only see, but live the evolution of this sport and like you said [Mark Henry] there’s a huge difference from when I broke in to 15 years later to another 15 because just this past March my wife sat down and Dominick joined us and it’s been 30 years since I’ve been doing this.”

“I wasn’t forced to grow up faster than others, but it was my decision that I wanted to be a part of this beautiful sport that I started at a young age, I got the opportunity and I ran with it and it just made me see things differently than other kids.”

“The evolution of this sport has been so dramatically different in the change and I definitely don’t see myself doing this many more years longer although the opportunity that I’ve gotten with my return to WWE to be able to face guys like the caliber of Andrade who is a third generation wrestler have been incredible.”