Rhea Ripley Discusses How WWE Has Changed and Now Being Able to Show Her Tattoos

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE, and the business in general, has been evolving and changing, according to Rhea Ripley, and it’s exciting to see.

Ripley recently spoke with The New York Post about how she wasn’t always allowed to show her tattoos while wrestling for WWE. Ripley’s appearance changed when her gear failed to arrive for Hell In a Cell, forcing her to appear in trunks. She was asked about her current appearance and whether she is satisfied with it.

“It’s something that we haven’t seen (in WWE) since pretty much Chyna. So it’s cool that I get to be that person. I still get to present this sort of dominance about myself without having a full-blown match. I get to hit the guys. I get to go out there and pick them up to show everyone who the hell I am without actually having the bell ring and being in the ring. It’s cool to see how everything has been evolving over the last few months. I feel like this is the start of a new era in WWE where we can get caught up with the guys. That could possibly lead to something, I don’t know. I’m hoping for it,” she said.

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